26 comments on “Calicoan, Samar (Take 2)

  1. how did you do that pic with you sitting on a pole?? haha and the one of you and delle fighting was great! naka ilang shots kayo to get that right? aha but yeah, you both looked like you had a LOT of fun! kainggit! haha

  2. Grabe! Ang ha-hot naman nung mga nasa pictures 4,5,6 😉 hay nako, i’ll keep in mind never to believe DJs who imply on air that they are becoming heavy or already on d heavy side that’s why they have to lose weight, cut on sugar, do some exercise, blah, blah. E ang sesexxxy naman pala. Liars! ;D

  3. nakakatakot yung solo jump shot ni delle, ganda ng mga pics ang favorite ko yung kung fu style jump shot ninyong dalawa ni delle, chico ang kulit! FTW!

  4. Chico what cam did you use? May effect ba to? ang ganda eh. Sobra pronounced yung colors! Ano setting?

    • actually, i just used my point and shoot for these photos. try using “sunset” setting for brighter colors on your pns.

  5. Wow! Yung water pics nyo sobrang ganda!!! Parang paintings! Naku ha, yung fighting pics, bakit si Chico panalo, bakit lagi na lang? Hmph 🙂

  6. Hello Chico! Great pictures! 🙂 I’m originally from Leyte… hehe :)) I hope you enjoyed your stay in that part of the Phils! :)) I’m the States now though. Hey, I just wanted to let you know this. WI is Wisconsin. I heard one of your podcasts where Delle said “Milwaukee, Wichita”. Milwaukee is a city in Wisconsin, and Wichita is in Kansas.

  7. ang ganda ng pics nyo.. ang galing! Chico yan ba ang bunga ng pagkain ng sosyal na kamote.nice body. u dont look like 40 something.. C delle astig laging nka- two-piece..

  8. FUN and FUNNY. It’s all evident sa photos n’yo, Chico. AT ang kulit ng poses at “fighting” shots n’yo ni Del! Major facial expression e :p

    • haha yup! we wanted to see if we could do it ourselves. its much harder than you think!

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