20 comments on “The Top Ten Dumbest Things You Heard Anyone Say In School

  1. I love this entry. Lol at #4, 22, 30, and the group sex. hahaha.

    Chico keep ’em coming please. i need more distractions. i actually am working on my thesis right now. haha.

  2. Ang galing talaga ng mga rushers! Super nakakatawa ang mga entries! hehe. Thanks Chico for painstakingly posting these entries in your blog.

  3. Reminds me of a classmate when we were in grade one. She approached our teacher, informed her that she won’t be in class the next day “kasi magkakasakit ako bukas.”

    I love your show and your blog. Keep the laughs coming!

  4. hahahaha!!! im a teacher. and i must say, students say the darnest things..ABOUT YOU! hahaha! one time when i was having a class, i was so sleepy i wanted to have coffee. but i was going to say “copy and answer” then i said, “kaffy (combination of coffee and copy) and answer”

  5. #22 FTW!!! 🙂

    Off-topic: Congrats Chico! Your blog already surpassed 2.5 million hits! Woooooooooot!!!

  6. colored puto! I still can’t stop laughing. if there were spanish-speakers present though, the teacher would be in trouble. haha

  7. numbers 20 and 25 are the funniest! haha

    BTW, number 2 can be correct… Teacher: “When the odds are against me…I will, against them!” wherein will is used as the “a mental act where the person deliberately chooses on that course of action”. gets?
    Parang ito ung teacher namin nung high school. Teacher (after saying something offensive): no offensement. But if you think about it, she might have said “no offense meant” which is more probable. We just hate the teacher so much kaya siguro feeling namin she said the wrong thing. haha

  8. Hi Chico, just wondering. Maybe you guys could do a top ten statements/quotes/punchlines that could start a relationship? Just to counter the topic you did last monday 😀 (top tent statements that could end a relationship)

    Cheers and more power to the morning rush!

    -no_codename (ang minsanang active rusher nga ngayo’y silent rusher na lang)

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  10. Naalala ko tuloy yung time na pinagalitan kami ng accounting prof namin nung highschool sabi niya “kung mag-iingay lang kayo lumabas na kayo” ayun lumabas kaming lahat

    Tapos ung prof namin sa steno e madumi yung room sabi niya “lalabas kayo at maglilinis ako o lalabas ako at maglilinis kayo” ayun lumabas din kaming lahat, pawis na pawis tuloy siya.

  11. I have some:

    Teacher: Do you know Jose Rizal?
    Student 1: No Ma’am.
    Teacher (to Student 2): Ikaw, do you know Jose Rizal?
    Student 2: No Ma’am.
    Teacher: Wala talaga sa inyo nakakakilala kay Jose Rizal?
    Student 1: Ma’am, baka taga-kabilang section siya.


    Teacher (obviously frustrated with our lack of initiative to work on our drafting plates): Ewan ko sa inyo! I give you job, you don’t want to job! (Bigyan ko kayo ng trabaho, ayaw niyong mag-trabaho!)

  12. had i not missed this, i’d have contributed what our teacher once said:

    Teacher: class, give me cemetery silence!

    thanks for these, Chico!

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