39 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happy, happy birthday chico! Thanks for making our mornings better than the breakfast we usually eat. Your wit, humor, and the way you and Delle mix together on air has made mornings worth waking up to. In case I haven’t told you yet, you are the one responsible for making me a blogger and a trying-to-be photographer. That much I can say I owe you.

    Hopefully, if you and Delle will be blessed with more years to cheer our mornings up, my son will end up a Morning Rusher like his parents, and be privileged enough to have lived and be an avid listener in the radio era of C&D.

    From me, Cess and our future Rusher, who just turned four months inside Cess’ womb today on your birthday, that you very much and have a God-blessed natal day!

  2. My entry made it to the top 10 this morning, yay! And i meant every word of it- that from u chico, i’ve learned that spoiled brats can be lovable, and that u are d wittiest, funniest, smartest, humblest Derek Ramsay look-alike! I’ll gladly lose a tooth and a nail fighting whoever says otherwise. Happy birthdays, chix! Can u add to ur long list of blessings how u are a blessing urself to us listeners? Thanks for not failing to give us pockets of sunshine even when our day are at its gloomiest. 😀

  3. Happy birthday chico..though am a little bit sad coz i can’t listen to you guys on radio nowadays but am still grateful that i can follow your coolest blog..thanks for sharing your wits to us and making us smile.. More power to you sir chico and to delle^_^

    wala na kong sasabihing iba. nasabi na nila at sasabihin pa nila uli for sure.
    magiging redundant na masyado.
    Ang health ha, doble ingat. 🙂
    May God bless you and the rest of your loved ones!
    THANK YOU to you and Delle for being OUR Stresstabs and Centrum!
    Love you both! mwah! 😉

  5. huhu! i never got greeted kanina sa TMR for the 1st time in years! hehe…

    happy birthday, ka-birthday!…nasa “dread birthdays” level na rin ako! wah!

    the only thing i love about my birthday is the attention, especially nowadays with the advent of mobile phones, facebook, and twitter! i think i spent half of my day replying to posts, texts, and calls!

    • hay naku manong senator, sign of aging ang pagiging bingi…nigreet ka kaya kanina! tsktsk
      ni greet din kita!

      Happy birthday ulet sa inyong dalawa, manongSen and Derek ^__^

      • pasensya naman! hahaha!…na-late ako sa pagtune-in by a few seconds! hehe…thanks thanks!

  6. oh, i just listened to the blue ritz’s record of today’s show!…i was greeted right at the start of the 6:30am top ten…i missed it by a few seconds…it was i who opened my radio late! hahaha!

  7. Happy birthday Chico!!! Have a healthier and happier life. Hopefully you stay in radio with Dell for much longer time. I’m one of the silent rushers since ’96 and yes, we’re all getting older! But you two still rock and remain the wackiest DJs.

  8. livestreaming bridges the gap between Manila and other countries, and the tandem with Del has always been (and will always be) be part of your listeners’ daily habit. I do admit that I miss hanging out with you guys, the Rushers and all RX jocks and friends. When I do get the chance to go home, I’d never miss the chance to drop by. Ako pa? Hahaha. Here’s to more fruitful years and less dreadful ones! May you be abundant in blessings and happiness. Happy birthday!

    Don’t forget December ha? Tsk tsk tsk!

  9. happy birthday chico!

    you and Del are like coffee — not fun to go on a day without. take good care of yourself. you sure are a blessing and an inspiration to a lot of people. i do hope you’d have more years on air. have a good one. 🙂

  10. Happy birthday to the strangest (but funniest/wittiest) fruit there is — Chico!!!
    Advance happy father’s day as well! I’m pretty sure Cairo and your other four-footed “kids” are so proud of you.

    P.S. Thanks pala for choosing my topic today. Much appreciated. 🙂
    P.P.S. When are you going to make a movie review again?

  11. hapi berdey chico! actually i’ve been listening to u’re station since…(dn’t bother to know when coz u’ll know how young i am) so everyday i’ll have to wake up early to hear you and del in the radio..and u really makes us laugh w/ ur “bulol” n tagalog and some “green meaning” of words ur rushers send to you for top ten…hope u enjoy celebrating ur bday yesterday and pls tell del not to talk to much so she’ll get well faster….godbless!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. happy birthday Chico! (belated) =D

    thank you and to Del as well, for making our mornings not just good mornings but HAPPY mornings.

    God Bless you more and enjoy life more!!!

  13. belated happy birthday chico!

    morning radio was made fun becoz of you and del! let’s admit it, if ever any radio can come up of a better tandem as yours (which i HIGHLY doubt), you will always be credited as the original thing! for being there during my schizo college days, fiscally-challenged yuppie years, from one failed relationship to another(and another…and another…), after several pairs of specs, steady upgrade of mobile phones, several earphones, evil bosses and bad jobs, you guys will always remain as my morning coffee buddies and in some way, good friends!

    i’ll always be grateful for having been blessed with your crazy existence! hehehe!

  14. Hello Chico! Happy belated birthday! Thanks for always making my morning happy, sexy, and sometimes naughty!..same with Del. More power to you! CHEERS MORNING RUSHERS!

  15. Belated happy birthday Chiconess! My mornings are complete because of the fantastic duo. I love you and Delle!

  16. Dami mong fans and friends… dami na ring bumati… ^_^
    Hope your bday was not as dreaded as before… more years for you Chico. Thanks so much for making the start of my day hopeful and making me smile with your jokes, hirits and pang-iinis kay Del :p Never failed to make me smile in the morning or control my laughter while commuting kasi iisipin ng tao sa dyip or fx na babaliw na ako (I listening to the Morning Rush via iRadio on my iPod Mini while in transit to work: QC to Antipolo everyday!)… Chico, salamat sa’yo and sa magandang tandem n’yo ni Del ^_^

    Happy life, good health… and sana manalo ka sa lotto kasi gusto mo maranasan ‘yun di ba? Pero tumataya ka ba?

    Looking forward on weekday mornings ^_^

  17. chico,

    hope u had a gOOd one!

    my greet to u & lev & jenny rose never made it on air that very day (I know it’s a long shot considering d hundreds of msgs u got 😀 ).

    tekkeryo, c&d!


  18. Belated Happy Birthday, Chico! (sayang di ako nakagreet on the show last week kc graveyard shift ako)

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