17 comments on “The Playtime Rush

  1. Hi Chico,

    Liked the show.

    You mentioned you have like 20,000 songs uploaded recently to your ipod.

    Do you mind sharing your ipod song list here?


    Oliver of Sydney

  2. woahh! so that’s how you both look like doing the show! i can feel the fun, and i was laughing even if i don’t know what super jellie is saying.. hope you’ll stay for another 15 years (and another 15 years after that) on air, so my kids-to-be can listen to you and i can tell them you were my morning caffeine..

  3. Hi! Chico,

    Nice to see you and Delle on board.

    Hope you’ll have a live video streaming in the future. So that your avid listeners can see you live on board while doing a morning rush. That would be great treat for your listeners.

    Goodluck to your radio show with Delle and to your blog.

    God bless.


  4. That night was really a blast Chico! I would listen to Dell’s conversations with Jason over and over and Tipper too! BTW, is there no video of that one where Dell is talking to Jason? The look on Dells face must have been priceless!

  5. Hi Chico,

    Really enjoyed the show. I’ve been listening to you guys since forever, you and Delle are a great tandem. Parang super hero. Happy Birthday!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICO!!! I was driving this morning and I couldn’t text you while listening to your show.

    I hope you have a good one. You deserve it.

  7. this part is really one of my favorite!.=D..Chico kip on saying “good morning” insted of good eviening…

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