6 comments on “Alejandro

  1. hey chico, I’m an avid fan of you and Del, even changed my classes schedule from morning to afternoon just to listen to you guys, cause 4 hours is not enough Ü .. and i would just like you to view and read the stuff written in this site, it’s in so much relation with lagy GAGA 😀

  2. wow, that was something. histrionic, offensive, vulgar, to say the least. don’t get me wrong, i appreciate lady gaga’s originality but this is way out-of-the-box for me. not for kids to see. i’m just concerned for my nieces who adore her. way too shocking for an eight year old.

  3. Yes, very true. I’ve watched this video the first week it went out. After viewing the video, i was like: “Oh, she’s like…dead to the whole Vatican.” But for some weird reason this video did not create that spun of controversy, or maybe it’s not on that stage..yet.

    On the side, I find the “armalite” bra disturbing of all the images shown there. Yes, i find it disturbing and..FUNNY.

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