18 comments on “Celebrity Confessions

  1. Mariah is making a constant appearance in the photos. Haha. And I love the one with Rich and Rovilson. Naka-cap pa talaga si Ate Mariah! 😀

  2. OMFG!! Rovilson Fernandez is my ultimate crush…darn it! Didn’t get a chance to hear you and Delle grill him!! 😦

  3. curious lang, parang isang shade lang ang shirt mo pag may celebrity visitors kayo, chico. orangey-red 😛 hehe…

  4. Referring to the last picture, the 1 with Isabel, – I like the message written on your shirt. Ah-huh!

  5. my sister and I was laughing out loud with the interview with Rovilson…She was almost late for work because she finished the interview pa….we both think that maybe Rovilson and Delle will be a beautiful couple…..uuuuuutyyyyyyyyyy 😉

  6. I love Rovilson! haha! I’m such a fan of him when I first saw him in TARA! Too bad I was in a meeting when you interviewed him….so I missed it. Sad.

  7. I love Rovilson. I enjoyed watching him in Game Plan dati.
    Chico, I like your shirt sa last pic 😀

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