15 comments on “Baby Smoker

  1. honestly, I prefer that smokers do not puff out smoke, dapat diretso lahat sa baga. I have a grandfather who used to do that, pag-hitit, walang buga-buga. Of course he’s dead now, which is my point. Let the smokers die of lung cancer, etc., but spare us non-smokers. I also had a friend whose aunt died of lung cancer. Her husband was a chain smoker, she was not. I think he got depressed over his wife’s death. DUH! And parents who smoke but forbid their kids to smoke? What a joke.

  2. The bigger problem now is third hand smoke. It’s everywhere.


    “Smoking outside is better than smoking indoors but nicotine residues will stick to a smoker’s skin and clothing,” she says. “Those residues follow a smoker back inside and get spread everywhere. The biggest risk is to young children. Dermal uptake of the nicotine through a child’s skin is likely to occur when the smoker returns and if nitrous acid is in the air, which it usually is, then TSNAs (tobacco-specific nitrosamines) will be formed.”

  3. when i first saw this on news, i was furious with his parents esp his father…how could they let him be addicted to smoking…good thing the indonesian govt was able to do something about…this is not something to be proud of…

  4. yeah, very disturbing indeed. i saw this video on inside edition, if i’m not mistaken. i am terribly afraid for this kid. at the age of two, his organs haven’t fully developed yet and are more sensitive to the ill effects of tobacco. i don’t how his parents can tolerate this. they should let their child seek medical help immediately.

  5. this is….yeah unbelievable!!! The parent of this kid is certainly not educated enough to teach his kid such thing. I wonder what else he’s going to teach his son.

  6. my sister and i were laughing out loud with the interview with Rovilson….it was so enjoyable….and we both think that maybe Delle and Rovilson will be a good pair….uuuuuuuuyyyyyy!!! 😉

  7. oh i just realized na oo nga no wala na akong napapanood na cigarette ads sa TV. eh lakas pa naman ng recall ng mga jingle nila.

    anyway, you are right na dapat i-consider ng iba yung right ng ibang tao na huwag malanghap ang kanilang sigarilyo. ito ang no. 1 reklamo ko bilang commuter kasi madalas mga jeepney driver pa talaga ang nag-i-smoke.

  8. Couldn’t agree more with you Chico… I specially hate those call center agents smoking infront of PBCOM tower along Ayala – right infront of the no smoking sign.. goodness gracious!!! A little consideration to those passing by…

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