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  1. Hi Chico!

    I am Roan Peña of YES! Magazine. I’d like to ask for your email ad so I can inquire about something related to Mia Buenaventura’s “Si Tata Ben: Ang Dambuhalang Butanding.” You can get email me at roan.pena at summitmedia dot com dot ph. Thanks a mil! 🙂

  2. Oh but from my understanding, this shot can actually do more harm than good. Pls refer to the link below:

    I can’t find the link of a news article that discussed about this particular thing 😦

    It does have advantage but the side effect outweighs it though…

  3. Had this vaccination last year and I was actually surprised to hear Delle say that it didn’t hurt at all! Come on! The 1st vaccination hurt like crazy hell!! And the “muscle pain” which comes after the injection lasted for a week. There was even a small bump where they injected me! 😦

    But congrats Delle for feeling no pain! 🙂

  4. Sorry for the long post. This makes sense, pramis.

    FACT 1: HPV infecton is an STD. Yep. As in VD, syphilis, the clap, tulo, herpes, (and similarly AIDS and hepa-C). You can ONLY get the cancer-causing HPV through SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with an infected person. Ergo, like in all types of STDs, your sexual behavior will determine if you are high risk or low risk. Careless/Slut – high risk. Careful/Saint – low risk. Celibate/Nun – zero risk. Ergo also, if you and your partner are and plan to remain monogamous, you don’t actually need this.

    FACT 2: The two HPV vaccines in the market today protect you from only 2 or 3 out of the 40 or so sexually transmitted HP Viruses. So it’s no guarantee that you won’t get the virus since there are other 38 or so it doesn’t protect you from.

    FACT 3: If you already have the virus (from being sexually active) the vaccine will not work. It will not cure your infection. Your doctor will say: it will protect you from the other 2 viruses. Which is illogical because why would you need further protection when you’re already infected. Why paint and decorate a room in your house when the other room is already on fire.

    FACT 4: GlaxoSmithKline and Merck have spent billions promoting these vaccines, with ads and radio “interviews”, and seminars and talks, even promoting them as “anti-cancer” when all they really are is “anti-virus”. Cervical cancer is prevalent and deadly and is caused primarily by the HPV but there can be other causes. Sure, it cuts your risks substantially, but don’t call it “anti-cancer” which is just plain misleading.

    FACT 5: Mom Pia and daughter Maxine Magalona go to a doctor together to get this vaccine. What a wonderful ad. Sounds loving and caring and sweet and glamorous even, right? Now imagine them going to the doctor together to get a vaccine against say, syphilis or gonorrhea (which is in the same category as HPV, i.e. an STD). Still sound loving and caring and sweet and glamorous?

    FACT 6: If you intend to be sexually active, a condom costs cheaper and is 99.9% effective against STDs — clap, aids, tulo, and yes HPV. At least Trust is honest enough not to call it “anti-cancer” or even “anti-AIDS”.

    Just saying…

    PS. Of course, you would take the word of a doctor over mine. But who between us might have been schmoozed, wined-and-dined and deluged with freebies by the drug companies?

    • @caturay: oh shut up! if you don’t want to get one just shut up! mas mahaba pa ang sinabi mo sa blog ni chico and u just messed it up!

    • Fact no. 2 is a fact. Just had my first shot last month and it hurt like hell. I really have low tolerance for physical pain. Another fact, the vaccine is good for only five years. Unless, the scientists/researchers/doctors find a better vaccine, the HPV vaccine can only protect you for five years. After learning all the risks involved in getting the shot, I think if you have money to spend or not, its still better to take the shot. My ob said that even guys should take the HPV vaccine. =D

  5. Hello Chico.

    I’m glad that Delle had her vaccine. I am planning to get one myself when finances are not that tight. My baby’s vaccines are, of course, our priority for now.

    I just wanted to say a few things, esp. to that LAP (long ass post). Some of the facts are true, but some of them are conjectures. I will not say here what’s what. But here’s the thing. First, it’s true that the pharmaceutical industry makes ads like all other products. It’s for us to decide what should we buy or not. Second, doctors are here to help. Some of them for a higher price, some for charity with their Hippocratic oath always on the forefront of their minds. It’s still for us to decide who to go to. Third, cervical cancer exists. A prevention is here, though not 100% effective. It’s still for us to decide whether we want it or not, promiscuous lifestyle or not.

    In the end, everything is half a chance. You live your life in a healthy way, have a vaccine, you are not promiscuous, then BAM! You die of an accident. You smoke, you had 12 children, your spouse is promiscuous, yet you die at the age of 80 after all your friends have left this good old earth.

    I say, do your best and God will do the rest. =)

  6. whoa! Hot in here, eh?! Baka kaya mainit ang ulo nung mga nag comment, ang hot kasi nung nasa picture e;-)

  7. 4 years ago, my aunt, who happens to be a doctor, wanted to give me the shots…i know that it the best option to prevent cervical cancer…eh yun nga lang, sadyang matigas ang ulo… wag po kayo gagaya sa akin.

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