7 comments on “Dog Wash Weekend

  1. Hi Chico,

    Do you know where can I report the slaughterhouse here in San Pedro, Laguna. I really feel sad whenever I saw rope-bound dogs being delivered to this place to be killed…

  2. Hi Chico,

    I agree – it was good to be at the event – to support the Animal Kingdom Foundation. I was with my Beagle Midori and my Chinese Shar Pei – Char Siew. We were too shy to say hello to you and Cairo. The doggies had fun – although the lady who was giving the puppies a bath got soaked when she was giving Char Siew a bath. Incidentally – that lady is one of the assistants in our vets’ clinic and I know from first hand experience that she’s great with dogs.

    I hope this is not the last event in support of AKF – and if we bump into you and Cairo next time, we’ll say hi.


    (or Midori and Char Siew’s Human)

  3. Proud of everyone who joins this kind of org. Look at you in the last pic, chico, you have dog ears!!:D

    Patrick, san yan sa San Pedro? ireport na natin yan mga yan, mga walang kaluluwa!

  4. Heehee! On your last photo, were you aware of your dog ears, not Cairo’s but YOURS. Heehee! Too cute!

  5. ang cute ni cairo and collette! sige na nga cute ka na rin chico!

    @KeyArena: at first look i thought that was something like props! ahahahaha in fairness, di halata… peace chico ^__^

    oo di cute si gelli, gorgeous yan eh 😉

  6. Hi Chico,

    Would just like to know how you discipline your dogs. I have a 3-month old shih tzu that I got 2 weeks ago. I cannot seem to make him stop biting my fingers, hand, arm, and toes. Is it ok to push him on his lower left side to teach him not to do so? He still does not listen and even gets more excited to bite me. Maybe he thinks, I’m playing.

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