12 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That Nobody Loves You

  1. 21. Urduja – You realize that in your solitude, you always clasp your hands together, because it’s the only way you”ll hold hands. —awww s0 sad..

  2. Everyone runs to you for help, but when it’s your turn to ask for help, everyone’s “busy”.

    aww… so i guess it’s true then. (now wallowing in self pity)

  3. Grabe, nakakatawa lahat. Haha. For me, though, sobrang benta ng “RC & Cess – Pag picture-taking, sa iyo lagi ibinibigay ang camera.” at “Mr. Perk – Everytime you’re sick, all you ever get is: “O, ano nanamang arte yan?”” Haha.

  4. hello chico,

    you might have what the medical literature calls as “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD. it is a condition in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms during cold weather.

    like you, the rainy season hugely affects my mood. i am easily depressed by the cold, gloomy weather, hence, i avoid “dismal places” like baguio. one way to counter the effects of the condition is by light therapy – the incorporation of light sources in your home. on the positive side, my well of creativity is overflowing during these “dark” times.

    hope you can put up with the next months.

  5. well, JESUS and our LORD GOD will still love them… and you!
    pero naisip ko din i am so lucky, wala pa naman akong ganyang experience.

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