3 comments on “Dog Wash Weekend Invite

  1. Daddy, my brother Char Siew ( a Chinese Shar Pei ), and I ( a Beagle ) – will be joining y’all for the dog wash weekend. I think they have limited slots — so I’m hoping we can still get ourselves washed with all the other dogs and help in raising funds for the Animal Kingdom Foundation.

    See you there Chico and Cairo.

  2. Hi Chico and Cairo! Thank you for making the Dog Wash Weekend successful! Thanks too to Gelli and her cute pooch! We were able to raise P18,150, which will go a long, long way in helping the fight against dog meat trade. On behalf of all of us at Dog Wash Weekend, a big THANK YOU. Your help scored 100 tail wags from the dogs at the Animal Kingdom Foundation Shelter. Hope to see you in our next events soon! Please also check out the coverage of GMA News today. http://www.gmanews.tv/video/61011/weekend-treats-for-pet-dogs
    -Mike and Terrie Yu

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