19 comments on “Underwater Photos (Batangas)

  1. Wow! Fantabulous! I was in Batangas 2 weekends ago and had the chance to see the fishes din! Kaso I got seabather’s eruption that made me itch for at least a few days, but I guess it was all worth it! I saw an eel, too!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, and the labels; and for showing how colorful the fishes and other underwater critters in Batangas are.
    Batangas Province chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. and the Philippine Action Group for Social Responsibility, Inc.

  3. Hi Chico! It was only now that I learned about your blog. You have such interesting topics and through Google Alerts, I landed on this recent post of yours about the Batangas’ underwater majesty.

    By the way, I’m Dyan of WOWBatangas.com, an online interactive community magazine for Batangueños. I wonder if you won’t mind me linking to your post. 🙂 I supposed it’s just proper to ask for your permission and your immediate response would be greatly appreciated.

    I wanted to share your post with the rest of our followers. Thank you so much!

  4. Haaayz…..I’ve been contemplating for months now if it’s already time to get a Canon D10 or not yet. After seeing your pictures, I think I’ll get one na! haha! Thanks for the wonderful pictures Chico!

  5. woooow! nice photos! and thanks for fish ID-ing! been diving for years now, but only started fish ID-ing last March. it absolutely brings new dimension to diving!

    happy bubbles to you!

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