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  1. As a husband and a father, I feel for you. I wouldn’t even know what to do if I lost my wife or my daughter to something so senseless.

  2. Wow. This post made me cry. I sympathize with the family. The only death that I have cried for was for our dog, brownie. We were on our vacation abroad when he died. He was poisoned by strangers. I was really broken-hearted for days. I can’t imagine how much pain Raffy and Erika must have felt. To Raffy and Erika, I pray that you will find stength from each other to help you through this trying times. From your letter, I felt the love that surrounds your family. Let that love for each other be your guide in accepting what life offered and I sincerely wish both you and all your friends and family have peace of mind and the will to live life even after this experience.

  3. Oh wow… I’m trying not to cry and now my throat hurts…

    God Bless to Raffy and Erika. Look up coz Mamsky is watching over you. 😉

  4. it’s really sad to lose someone we love I really feel for you raffy and for your daughter erika… Keep the happy memories alive… 🙂

  5. this story made me cry. T___T i dont know how to uplift Raffy and Erika’s spirits, but I do pray they’ll get by. it will not be that easy, but i hope for the best ^_^

  6. Whoa.. that makes me cry.. I am while typing this comment of mine. ;( Farewell to u Mamsky. Wherever you maybe I know that God is with you.

  7. God bless you Raffy and Erika… and may you found peace in your heart. we will pray for Mamsky soul.

  8. this is heartbreaking.. i pray for mamsky’s soul and for raffy and erika’s recovery. may God bless us all.

  9. I feel for Raffy and Erika. Thank you for sharing your story and to Chico for posting the letter. One thing I have learned from this, appreciate everyone around you while you still can. And be thankful for what you have rather than non-stop complaints..

  10. *wiping tears* that touched me so much. Rest in peace Mamsky and to Raffy and Erika, life is still full of wonderful surprises. Keep each other happy. 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh, this made me cry. just when we were talking about our officemate who’s losing her battle with the big C… I hate goodbyes which don’t have chances of hellos again

  12. What happened to the killer? I do hope he/they got under detention…

    Be praying for you, raffy and your family.

    • God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

  13. An unaccepted loss is always harder to accept and takes longer to heal. Hang in there, Raffy. I’m sure your Mamsky is watching over you and Erika. Regards to you guys.

  14. This letter made me sobbed, how cruel those people who killed mamsky surely our dear Lord will be the one to punished them. Hope your ok fafa and take care of your erika. Time will heal but of course memories of mamsky will always be there to comfort you

  15. this made me cry…i hope raffy and erica will see life in a better perspective regardless of what happen…rest in peace “bewitching”….

  16. i hate to say but story like this makes me sad it reminds me of my parents who both leave us and be with OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER..all i can say to RAFFY is to move on ERIKA is still there for his unconditional love…

  17. R.I.P. Maribeth “Mamsky” Aguila. Wife. Mother. Rusher.
    My sincerest condolences Raffy and Erika.

  18. I cried.. Felt lonely and hurt for them.. I’ve lost some loved ones but not like the way they lost theirs.. May they stay strong.. This is exactly why I love life.. I feel contented w what I have and thankful when there’s something good or bad has come across my way.. Let’s all remember that what we lost, we will all gain/see again in the end.. More power to you..

  19. I’m a silent rusher and had been a fan or Chico & Delle for long time. Raffy is the brother of an UPSA choirmate who is now based in Canada. I got this news about his wife from a very close friend (another UPSA choirmate also based in Canada). It really came as a shock to us in UPSA who knew Raffy.

    What I want to add to this story is that the criminal was a household help who they recently hired at that time. May this story also serve as a warning to all of us. Be careful in hiring household help especially the ones we personally do not know. It’s always best to hire someone you know & someone a close friend or relative can vouch for. I know finding household help is difficult, but times are really changing so we really have to be extra careful to minimize the risks. There are a lot of people who would do anything for a quick buck, even if they have to kill just to get your money. Sad but true…

    I just wish Raffy & Erika more blessings, believing that when God allows something important to you to be taken away, a more wonderful blessing will come to you if you trust in Him…

  20. My throat hurts, my heart aches, tears overflow again upon reading this as this year, my family lost our eldest brother — he is survived by his capable wife (as he fondly called her) and two young children aged 7 and 3. Our empathies goes out to Raffy and her daughter for the light taken away suddenly from them, wife and mother Erika.

    I just arrived home from Church, to have a Mass intention later for my eldest bro’s 4th month anniv and our uncle’s 16th yr anniv.

    It’s true what Raffy has mentioned about having many firsts — like ours, we celebrated 1st birthday in Heaven for my eldest bro, 1st Valentine’s for his wife to give him flowers instead of him giving it to her as he always did, first time to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary with love on a deeper level (his wife on earthly life, Kuya on his spiritual life in Heaven), first Mother’s day being a widow for my sis-in-law and first Mother’s day with our parents having lost one of their precious children, eldest son…the list goes on and the pain never goes away. It hurts so much especially when it’s a direct hit.

    From my RX memories I can share with you about my Kuya — he often liked telling me, Chico, that he knew you back then and even described you as being “maliit lang yun pero malaki ang katawan!” hahahaa

    What keeps us going, even though it’s hard and it does get harder as each day goes by, just when you think you’re okay, it’s not, grief grips you — the beautiful and happy memories we’ve shared with Kuya; they will always be there. He’s always in our hearts and we know he’s just around here, near us, in another dimension. As Leona Lewis’ song goes: “They can take tomorrow and the plans we made; they can take the music that we’ll never play; All the broken dreams, take everything…just take it away but they can never have yesterday.” Our loving yesterdays with our dearly departed loved ones will always be with us.

    My sincerest condolences to Raffy and family. R.I.P. Erika.

    • p.s. “My apologies, honest mistake in names mixed up, i’m sorry. My brother’s Eric. The anguish and pain that Raffy and Erika have from losing their Mamsky is too much to bear, especially from such a senseless crime. There is a grieving process that bereaved families go through, not now, not yet tomorrow or even the next day, but in time, in God’s healing time, you will get through somehow — to you both, Raffy and Erika, prayers for your strength, guidance, continued faith, comfort, and understanding during trial times. God Bless you, Mrs. Maribeth Aguila, R.I.P.”

  21. i found them both on facebook.. di ko lang sure kung i approve ako ni sir raffy..such a lovely family.. God has His reasons…

  22. this made me cry. i pray that daddy raffy will not lose faith that they will overcome the emptiness, the hurt. hang on there, fellow rusher. and to Mamsky – may your soul rest in peace. thank you for being part of the TMR family.

  23. i hope for more bravery to move forward and still hope what tomorrow may bring to mr. raffy and erika, sure it will be blessings and guidance from God and Mrs. Maribeth. -kinig pa rin po kayo kila chico and del 😉

  24. i don’t know what to say after reading this…its just so sad…i cried myself….but things happen for a reason…although we cannot understands most of the time why….hold on and be strong raffy and erika…

  25. I am crying like a baby now in the middle of my coffee break and I haven’t cried in a long time. Thank you Chico for sharing Raffy’s email. To Raffy and Erika you are in my prayers and we’ll always get to share the morning rush,so where ever Mamsky is she’ll always be a rusher.

  26. omg! i’m in some coffee shop & i cant help but cry. Rght n0w i want 2 hug all my loveones.. Sir Raffy, you & Erica are in my prayers, pls keep d faith & be strong.

  27. Swear i am not a cry baby. But when i read this blog, tears just fell uncontrollably. 😥

    sad but inspiring!

    It’s An eye opener too.. 🙂

  28. my heart just keep on pounding while reading this letter of Mr. Aguila
    to the person who did this to his wife you wont be forgiven for you commit is a unforgivable sin

  29. This post made me cry, its really sad facing the days with out the one your doing everything with. as simple as listening to the morning rush and laughing together with chico’s joke is such a memorable togetherness. life is really short, so we must cherish every time we have with our love ones.
    to raffy, continue to live, you and your daughter had an angel now in heaven watching the two of you.

  30. nakakalungkot, but I’m proud for sir Raffy for being strong, I know it’s hard but I know Mamsky is always there to look at you and your daughter. God Bless

  31. I haven’t cried like this in a long time. *sniff*
    I googled what happened to Ms. Beth and found an article in philstar. I hope the authorities find the suspect and give the Aguila family the justice they deserve.
    Stay strong Sir Raffy, Erika. RIP “Bewitching”.

  32. I call my mom momski, too. ALmost eveyone in my family has a -ski at the end. It started out with swarovski…I don’t know why..

  33. that was heart-breaking. T.T

    Mr. Aguila: hang in there. love and sympathy is pouring from all over the world. and they say it gets better in time. i certainly hope it would.

    Chico and Del: He’s got it right. you do help people without realizing how much. you may never know all of us, but one thing is for sure: you both have touched us all.

    i’m not a rusher anymore… just: an avid reader of chico’s blog.

    • Chico, thank you for sharing this touching story.It made me cry.Dying is a fact of life but to leave planet earth the way Mamsky left is senseless.I join the rest who pray for the repose of Mamsky and her beloved Fafa and Erika.

  34. Today is my lowest point in years of unending unfortunate events. But reading this saved me from a suicide attempt. Thank you.

  35. After I read Raffy’s letter, there was mixed feeling of anger and sadness. I had friends and/or their loved ones who lost their lives because of theft or robbery. Why take someone else’s life? They could’ve taken everything just spare the person’s life.

    To Mr. Raffy Aguila and Erika: Continue being strong. You have a family that loves and cares for you. We’re here. We’re family.

  36. My family and I had a same situation that happened to Mrs. Maribeth. My Mother and my brother was also victims of robbery and was killed.. my brother who just came back from Qatar after 1 1/2 years of not being home suddenly was taken away from us.. It was really really hard for me and my family what happened. Up until now the pain is still there..wishing that somehow I could see them again. be with them but we know that is impossible..

    to Mr. Raffy i know it will be hard.. but hang in there.. Be with your daughter at all times and Love her so much because she needs you right now..

  37. this is just sad and i’m the kind who cries over a tv commercial. we may all be complete strangers but stranger things happen when we reach out. the aguila family will be in my prayers. hang in there Raffy & Erika. RIP Maribeth.

    thanks chico for sharing. imagine, you probably even saved thankful’s life (44th comment). sabi nga ng asawa ko, after we read your post & the comments, mahiwaga talaga ang buhay ng tao. we were just talking about ‘counting your blessings’ then i had to check your blog because of lady gaga but i ended up sobbing over this post. funny, right? anyway, i’ll take the liberty to share this. i had to. 🙂

  38. and i have to cry at this early in the morning…:(

    raffy, you’ll always have an extended family with the rushers. will pray for you and your daughter, erika. to ‘mamsky’, happy mother’s day to (i presume) a great mother! wherever you are, you still are part of the rushers family. i pray you’ve found peace.

    thanks chico for this post! ill make sure i’ll kiss my mom later!

  39. feel so sad, and after i watched the movie “hatchiko”, life was so short, although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, cherish the memories of the times you spent together.

  40. nakakaiyak naman…
    God bless the Aguila family, it’s not easy but God is always true to His promises. Thank you Raffy for allowing Chico to post, can’t wait to go home and give a hug to all all the people i love, life is really short.

  41. i feel for you and your family, raffy. i also lost a loved one from an unfortunate accident. yes, just this march too. it won’t be easy, but be strong. she’s happy and in good hands now.

    oh, there goes my tears now.

  42. I was hesitant at first to read this post because of long text — i’m quite lazy to read….

    but when I was reading it, my throat is getting to get hurt.. and my tears are falling…

    Pain will never go away — you will just get used to it!

    Condolences to Erika and Raffy.

  43. This post made me cry. I admired you Raffy for being good father to Erika. Such a loving husband! Am sure happy na si “Mamsky” with Bro! Take good care of yourself, Raffy. God bless you and Erika.

  44. haaaay. life’s uncertainties. parang gusto ko i-hug lahat ng mahal ko, ngayon na. thanks mr. raffy and chico for sharing this one.

  45. I just accidentally listened to chico and del earlier using my phone and they were talking about this, My God I cried while doing a report, I was about to submit my report and it’s only when I realized some part of the paper’s wet coz of my tears, and then my boss said, “I guess you need to print it again” its quite hard coz I need to gather signatures again. Btw I feel for you, Its really hard but then life goes on. It’s really weird how chico and del really make my morning so good, cant help smiling and gigling with the topic earlier. But seriously for Raffy God bless to you and your family

  46. woah!! i was touched by Raffy’s letter. Farewell to Mamsky, I feel for your daughter coz I don’t have my mom with me now. I know how painful it is. She will always stay with you, in your heart.

    Thanks Chico, for sharing this story.

  47. i can’t help not to read again the story..and everytime i read it i still cries T_T

    this made me realize to treat everyday as if this is ur last, so make the best out of it..always tell or show to ur loveones how much u love them..

    to raffy&erika:: be strong, don’t lose hope and faith..u still have each other..

    to chico&delle:: u two always made our morning soooooo wonderful..i like ur combination..delle is not that bitchy but chico manages to make delle looks bitchy..and chico can make himself looks innocent..ahihihi.. ^_^

    more power TMR!

  48. Dear Raffy and Erika,

    I sincerely feel your loss. I had my share of tragedies in my family too some years back. I know it’s hard to accept what happened to Beth but keep your faith in HIM…HE sees and knows the depth of your pain and suffering. HE will see you through all these and in HIS time, you will be healed. It would also help if you believe in your hearts that Beth is now in a better place..with HIM. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.. and Beth too. God bless.


  49. To Raffy and Erika- we will pray that God’s grace continue to give you strenght.

    Thank you Chico for sharing this with us.

    Again, this is a reminder for us to show our love ones- Family, Friends, Partner, Relatives, how important and how much we love them, despite the hurt we inevitably cause one another at times(teary eyed na).

  50. thanks to Twitter, I can still keep in touch with my 2 most favorite djs (I am in Dubai, u see and here, by the time my day starts, The Morning Rush will be saying goodbye for the day 😦 ) Anyway, again thanks to Twitter, I was able to read this. For a few minutes there I do not know what to write except that everything in our lives have some purpose. Just continue to have faith. God is there for all of us. God bless especially to Raffy and Erika. And God bless to Chico and Del, maybe you guys still don’t realize it but you do touch our (your listeners) lives in one way or another. I miss actually listening to u guys. 🙂

  51. I’m also a silent rusher since ’97… i was very touched with this letter and it really makes me cry… minsan ko ng naranasan ang mawalan ng mahal sa buhay kaya nakarelate ako sa iyo Raffy. Just be strong for you and Erika…

  52. Our condolences to Raffy and Erika. Thanks to you and to Chico for sharing this story. If only by saving thankful’s life, Mamsky has not died in vain.

  53. I’m sooo touched with this posting and comments… Raffy is my cousin and in all honesty I’m always wondering how he can recover from this. I see him as a typical guy who doesn’t show emotions much. That’s why, I’m always praying that he may find ways to unload how he feels. I know it is not that easy but at least it may help. And I am really thankful that he was able to do this letter and find its way to Chico. To you Chico and to all rushers… thank you and Thank God for leading the way.

  54. i realy felt the pain of raffy’s letter…i know it’s really hard in times like this but i always believed mamsky never left you,she’s just around whenever you need her…in your heart…the story made me realize to value the presence of our love one while they are still alive….chico thanks for sharing this!!

  55. Thanks for sharing, Chico. Carry on, Raffy. I admire you for having the courage to find ways to heal where and when you can, instead of shutting everyone out and wallowing in depression.Without even knowing it, you actually have touched a lot of usually ‘thankless’ hearts-like mine.So on behalf of all rushers shaken by this post one way or another-thanks, Raffy, this one hits home.

  56. …ay grabe, naiyak naman ako….

    God bless you, Raffy and Erika….and I will pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Ms Maribeth Aguila….

  57. I don’t know what to say.
    This letter made me cry…and somehow realize some things.

    Thanks for sharing, Chico.

    This justs show how TMR make the lives of many people worthwhile.

  58. wow, his email was heartbreaking (plus, listening to Idina Menzel and Lea Michele’s I Dreamed A Dream while reading this did not helped at all). i feel for raffy and erika; it’s really hard to lose a loved one, more especially a mother. i can still remember the first year i spent my birthday without her (which was, btw, my 18th bday)… ang hirap esp because she passed away 9months before my debut. it’s been 8 years since my mom passed away and it still hurts but i know that things will be ok eventually. and to raffy, im sure mamski is watching both you and your daughter all the time. i just pray that whoever did this to her will pay someday… in the hands of God.

    people keep asking me why im such a fan of your show but they just don’t realize how you make my day, especially during hard times. thank you for sharing this, chico… and raffy! god bless!

  59. I heard about this in TMR this morning. I got curious and checked it out in our office computer. I was fighting back my tears but when i scrolled down to MAMSKY’s picture, I gave in.

    I am a husband and a father too. While I love my wife very much, there are times that I take her for granted. Never again.

    Thanks Raffy for making husbands like me love our wives more.

  60. Talagang Angel’s Cry pa ang background music ko when I read this.

    I was awfully touched by this letter. I am trying so hard not to cry in front of my office PC because the whole letter started off as nice, even funny because it made me smile to think of a very loving wife and mother and avid Rusher influencing her family to be the same.

    To Sir Raffy and your daughter Erika, always be strong. God and Mamsky are watching over you. Your story teaches us to to be grateful everyday for the moments we share with the people we love. God bless you, always.

    Thanks for sharing, Chico. Will repost this.

  61. this entry made tears crawl down my face…

    John 5:25 (King James Version)

    “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.”

  62. this blog entry’s very painful to read, however, i like this part…

    “But I also learned that in the face of great adversity, hope is a powerful ally. That in the most abysmal darkness , it shines a light, however dim, to help keep you going, even if it’s only a day at a time, in the hope that better days lay ahead.”

    Hope that God’s comfort will embrace on Erika & Raffy.

  63. this really made me cry. I don’t know how they feel but to raffy and erika, may you find peace in your hearts eventually.

  64. Dear Raffy and Erika,
    Naiyak na naman ako. Know that we will always keep Beth alive in our hearts. We will never forget.
    The girls and I are only a phone call away.


    • Hi again Bessie,

      Thank you for the very nice comment. You know that my memory of all scrappers close to Mamsky are the giggling and funny experiences that you all share. By the way, Mamsky’s materials are still <50% prepared. if things do not improve and I still do not get any help, I amight ask you and Jeannie to get them direct from Mamsky's room. I will keep you informed. Please send pictures of yourselves to refresh me all the time. Baka mamaya may pumayat o may tumaba at hindi ko na makilala. Pinapatawa lang kita. I hate to see you guys cry. I want to see the smiling faces and happy memories.


  65. Thanks to TMR, her life will be celebrated by people she’s never even met face to face (like me) and she will definitely be remembered.

  66. I’m a fellow scrapbooker of Beth. A charming and quiet lady who had a ready sweet smile for us. It really saddened us. I’m so moved with Raffy’s letter and the effort and ways he really goes through to help people remember her. God bless him and Ericka.

    • Thanks a lot. I recently visited one of your Sunday eb together with Erika and my nephew Paolo. I am not sure if you were there as I am not very good with names specially when you were all introduced to me at the same time. Nevertheless, I can picture Mamsky in one of the tables scrapping away and smiling while minding her own business. This is how she is when she is on her element. She tries very hard not to miss your regular eb and tells me in advance so we can exchange cars. My car can accommodate her 4 big bags that you all seem to have with you everytime. You are so right that she is always smiling, just the same when she is working at home. Too much engrossed on her work that she sometimes does not notice that I have arrived from work.

      I intend to attend some of your eb’s and I hope still to keep in touch with you guys. You have all been a part of Mamsky’s happy life.


  67. somehow reminded me of House on the Lake by Mike Royko. hmmm. this post made me cry in the middle of the night. ampft. To Raffy and Erika, just keep the faith. He didn’t put you two in a situation He knows you can’t get through. To Chico, thanks for sharing this. How I wish you could see the impact of TMR in your listeners just like me. God Bless!

  68. I cried while reading Raffy’s letter. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Just a few hours ago I was complaining about what’s happening with my life. It made me realize (again) that I should be grateful with what I have and try not to ask God “Why does it always happen to me?” (I Hope) Instead, I should pray and ask for His guidance and push myself to do better.

  69. mamsky is watching over you raffy and erika. stay strong and always remember all the memories you have made together as a family… =)

  70. i heard this over rxtmr and immediately checked Chico’s blog. i can’t stop crying even after i’ve read this entry. This is so heartbreaking. To Mr. Aguila and Erika, be strong. Mamsky is your angel now. There will be better days ahead. God is good. Thank you for sharing your story to us and for touching our lives and making us love the people around us more…
    God Bless You both.

  71. no sooner have i read this heart-wrenching letter, and re-posting it on my fb wall have i stumbled upon this 3-minute film that somehow reflects raffy aguilar’s story:

  72. whew, i was tongue tied..may God’s graces compensate what has been lost, a time for healing, a time for thanksgiving.

  73. whew, i was tongue tied. may God’s graces compensate what has been lost. a time for healing, a time for thanksgiving.

  74. Hi Chico:

    I’ve been an avid reader of your blogs and gets to listen to Morning Rush every so often. However, it’s my first time to leave a comment on this. I felt so sad about the letter and it made me realized that life is so wonderful and so short to live in regrets and in sadness. I feel sorry for Raffy’s lost and i wish him the best of recovery.

    God bless the family.


  75. i cried so hard reading this… its really so difficult to lose someone you love.. all the first after they are gone is heartbreaking.. the truth is its not just the firsts… but there are better days… and some days we just wish they are still here with us..

  76. I feel sorry for raffy and erika… ='( Very touching story that it made me search for raffy on Facebook…

    For sure Mamsky is always watching you both! =)

  77. i have been a silent rusher since 1997, and even now that i am outside the phil, i always listen to chico and delamar via live streaming when i’m preparing for work.. to sir raffy thru chico, thanks for sharing this.. you have touched a lot of people with this very inspiring yet very sad, very unfortunate story.. to sir raffy and erika, my condolences and may you have the strongest heart to go through this very trying time.. God bless.

  78. Just read the letter.. sometimes we could not even ask God why all these things has to happen…. but deep in our hearts… we know… there is a big question mark…. no words coould ever describe the pain and uncertainty..even upto now.. I always ask myself why all these things has to happen…. my cousin Jackie died of cardiac arrest while having her fitness program at Fitness First at the age of 32 y.o. leaving behind 11 month old baby girl… and her husband. It was so painful for the entire family as Jackie has been so dear to us…. what’s even more painful is that her baby (Hailey) has to spend her first birthday at the wake of her mom…. Just continue to pray for strength…. we will never be able to have the answers now… let your faith in God fill in your loneliness…..

  79. Sir Raffy, I’m so sorry for ur lost..I promise to pray for you & Erika..Thanks for sharing us ur story, I was so touched..

  80. grabeeee naiyak ako sobra… (even tinatawan pa ako ng mga unggoy na mang aasar dito i dont care!)

    Raffy, may GOD BLESS you and Erika
    and i will pray for your mamsky..

  81. Hi sir, first of all i would like to give my deepest condolences… I’ve read your post, and at first i was really amazed by it but as i continue reading it my heart starts beating slowly and to the point that i just realized that I’m holding my breath…

    Please be strong… especially for Erika. i know its hard but please keep this in mind Mamsky didn’t leave you… She became your Guardian Angel and Erika’s as well.. Now it’s GOD and MAMSKY who is watching you and guiding you and Erika….

    P.S. Thank to RX especially to Chico Garcia for making this blog…. laki talga ng tulong n’yo to bring happiness to everyone kahit yung mga hindi avid listeners…

    more power and Godbless..

    hi to Del.. crush ko talaga sya.. voice pa lang super sexy na…;)

  82. For good or for bad, God is in control ma’men. This early morning I just hit a woman with her son on her hand crossing the road, then I rushed them into the hospital immediately. Good thing, the 4 month old baby is now in good condition, but still under observation. One thing is for sure and I just realized. Sometimes God needs to remind us.

  83. such a moving letter from a husband. his recovery and that of his daughter will be a long process, but nonetheless achievable. i will pray for raffy and erika, for even if i do not know them personally, i know that it is difficult and utterly painful to lose a loved one the way they did.

    and i will pray for justice too, that the perpetrators be caught and jailed, for they took away the light of a home, in exchange of some amounts of money. i also pray that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to anyone anymore.

  84. It’s been a long and challenging week for me … but when I read the post about Raffy and his wife, it really changed my perspective in life .. with the letter, it made me think of a lot of things which I have taken for granted … things that you will only relaize when things are no longer infront of you .. Thanks, Raffy for the gift of grace … your Mamsky is now resting in peace … As other have said in their replies, “God always has a plan for everything that is happening in our life … it is only a matter of time for us to realize and understand … and in the process, it makes stronger and wiser …” Raffy, be strong for Erika …

  85. goodluck Raffy! still a long way to go for you and your daughter. i’m sure masky is watching both of you all the time. aja!

  86. SHE is looking at you way above in heaven, where she still has Headset above her Halo, listening to The Morning Rush. 🙂

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