25 comments on “Chico And Delamar On Radio MYX

  1. Sa susunod dapat nakatali si Del sa upuan, napaka-fidgety! 🙂
    Seriously, you two are the best Dj/Vj tandem, hands down.

  2. Always nice seeing d 2 of u on d idiot box again! cute!:D I dig C&D here but then again, nothing would beat their guesting on Quickfire;)


  3. ….sa booth ba, ganyan din kalikot si Delle? hehe. Si Chico naman, pro na pro ah! hehe. Parang sanay na maging VJ! naks!

  4. Winner!!! I had so much fun watching you two! Ang likot ni Delle at talagang mega-plug ng blog si Chico! Hahaha! Nakakapanibago kse nagsasalita kayo minsan in Tageleg! Slang! 😀

  5. I actually find Dell to be more of a natural TV talent compared to you Chico, you look tensed compared to Dell (clasping your(Chico) hands all the time.

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