5 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You Are A Good/Bad Mother

  1. #11 RC & Cess – Even if we’re hungry, we never eat out because we prefer our mom’s cooking.

    — true! I love my mom’s home-cooked meals! I always tell her, “mommy, sinisira mo diet ko kasi ang sarap ng luto mo, ang dami kong nakakain!” hehe

  2. overheard in the streets of Divisoria. A sidewalk vendor scolding her child
    “Walanghiya kang bata ka, bakit ka nandukot? Tingnan mo itong wallet na dinukot mo, ang nipis nipis. dapat yung makapal ang dinukot mo”

    • hahaha! natawa naman ako.

      i agree with the last entry. pregnant women who smoke are horrible mothers. gawd, nasa tummy pa lang ang baby, pinababayaan na!

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