7 comments on “Videos I Like 10

  1. The first one is fucking hilarious, gotta be more careful in using public urinals…
    BTW, I saw the piano boy in Mo Twister’s blog a few days ago (FYI, you’re lambasted there by Mo and some readers). I saw Jane Lynche’s vid @ Perezhilton’s blog where an amateur vid of CHarice is also featured. Charice was singing her own version of Justin Bieber’s “baby”. Nga pala Charice’s single is already number one in Billboard dance charts.

  2. The first video is hilarious. Funny story, an old relative from the province came to Manila for the first time, we wanted to treat him to a memorable experience so my father decided to invite him to dine at a posh restaurant. He was the first to enter the hotel and to his big surprise, the door opened automatically. He shouted and was going to run to the other direction, good thing we were just right behind him to explain and pacify. =D

  3. BGT 2010’s Janey Cutler is like my mom! And I miss how the way she sings like Pilita Corales. Have you watched the other auditions of BGT Season 4? I particularly liked this one:

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