33 comments on “Willie Revillame

  1. what a douche! I bet ABSCBN will keep him just because of wowowee, but willie will and forever be marked as the biggest douche ever!

  2. before, i don’t seem to mind his kayabangan pero what hppened last week, that was so over n….i hoe will wil stand to his threat n he wil resign…

  3. I dedicate Jason Walker’s Down to Willie, because that’s where he’s going. And now that Villar lost to Noynoy, i’d like to see how another power player in Kris Aquino crush him. Delish!

  4. Well done, Willie. I think Villar lost a lot of votes in the endgame thanks in no small part to you.

  5. Wow. Kaya nga may malayang pamamahayag di ba? Everyone’s entitled for their own opinion. And if Willie can’t accept that he could fuck himself.

  6. solid kapamilya ako kaya para sa akin isa syang dumi sa abs-cbn. hindi na sya nahiya sa abs-cbn, kung ano ka ngayon dahil yan sa abs-cbn hindi dahil kay Villar.mukhang pera ka talaga!

  7. I really think that Willie should be taught a lesson. Here in our country “utang na loob” is very important. He should resign. You do not bite the hand that feeds you.

  8. yabang mo revillame! what can you say about the loss of villar? he could have made better without you campaigning for him. if abs cbn will not kick you out of their network, it will just show how important u are to them. you can ask the management to kick kris aquino out of abs cbn or perhaps even ms. charo santos and even gabby lopez!

  9. willie is such a jack*ss.. i actually tell my kids not 2 watch him.. mag resign k n.. antagaaal!!

  10. Dapat tanggalin na iyang si Willie, ubod ng yabang. Doon na lang sumipsip kay Villar, talunan naman and mga iyan.

  11. I didn’t know it has gone that far, but people I know who works in the biz say that he’s really an a-hole to work with. All his smiles are “ngiting aso,” and he is “gahaman.” Not my terms, mind you.

    Oh, well. I must say that ABS should really weigh this down, and not with money but with respect and professionalism.

  12. Isa syang langaw na dumapo sa kalabaw, na sa isip nya e mataas pa sya sa kalabaw! Ang taong matas ang lipad malakas ang kalabog pag bagsak!

    • alam u marami parin ng mahal kay willie lalo ng ang mahihirap.ng akala ninyo marami galit sa kanya, kayo lang yon na ingit sa kanya. mayabang man cxa may puso nman…

      • Sorry for being rude dude, Alam u? pakitang tao lang yung pusong sinasabi mo.

      • willie is a fraud…his kindness is all an act to feed his bulging head. he has no talent at all!

  13. willie is such an arrogant pompous pig. what a jerk! If ABS is not concerned about ratings, they will fire him in a second. But hey, they did that already, and willie just keeps on coming back. Or should i say they keep on getting him back. What the hell does willie have that ABS can’t live without him?

  14. dunno if this concern to all..pero as of now, on ABS’ event on WTC, Gabby Lopez terminates Wille Revillame.. so Rejoice! Robin Padilla will be the new host of the noontime show.

  15. chico, may dagdag pa akong kwento pero saka ko na kukwento. sa EB nalang ahehehe

    pero i really really really dont like him

  16. mainit lang daw ang ulo niya kaya niya nasabi yung tanggalin si jobert. ngayon ok na daw siya. ayun naman pala! papaano kasi, ABS CBN stood their ground not to terminate mr. sucaldito. siya ngayon ang nagmukhang tanga! naghahabol siya ngayon na mabalik sa wowowee. lesson learned from someone like you…mr. re”villar”me!

  17. Robin is actually doing a pretty decent job hosting Wowowee. It is just a matter of polishing his hosting skills coz he already has, undoubtedly, the mass appeal. And it is quite interesting to note that Robin can exude angas with humility, which is a contrast with the arrogant personality of Willie.

  18. i haven’t watch robin padilla hosting wowowee but i’d rather want him there than willie revillame..ever since wowowee started with willie as a host i didn’t watch that show, ok once i tried but i’m really disappointed and saw what an a**hole he really is..i’m a kapamilya but when he’s show is about to start nagiging kapuso ako..infairness ung mga hirit ni joey may laman eh kay willie so non-sense..hope ABS management weigh their decision regarding this matter and hoping that they’ll give willie a lesson..

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