9 comments on “The Top Ten Memorable Pinoy Quotes

  1. Supposedly a conversation between Randy David and Tim Yap in a talk show:

    Host to Tim Yap: Tim, what do you do exactly?
    Tim Yap: Well let’s just say I’m an “eventologist.”
    Randy David: Maybe you mean an “eventologer.” An eventelogist is someone who studies events, just like a scientist studies science. You do events therefore you’re an eventologer.
    Tim Yap: I would still like to say I’m an eventologist.
    Randy David: You’re an eventologer, you moron!!!

  2. Hahaha..malay mo naman she’s really against anti-pornography law since she is a sexy (or pornography) star..hehe..:D

  3. Miriam Defensor Santiago: I lied…

    She said in an interview that if Joseph Estrada gets arrested she will jump from the plane and fall straight down with her head falling first in Luneta Park. After Estrada was arrested, she then made a villain’s laugh and said in an interview “I lied”. That statement led to her defeat in the 2001 elections.


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