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  1. apparently, you’re correct Sir Chico! upon searching the net, I found the link to manilaconcertscene.blogspot.com and discovered that it was Vernon Go of PULP Live Productions (the producer of the show) who proposed to his then girlfriend, Happee Sy.

    they’re the creators of PULP Live Productions FB page.

    Vernon Go’s FB account is also tagged through a snapshot of the proposal message

  2. …..“My Life Would Suck Without You” and on this last song Vernon Go propose a wedding to her girlfriend Happee Sy with a short presentation at big screens at the side of the stage that cuts live screening of the concert on the side. Kelly Clarkson even asked Happee Sy if she answer “Yes” to the proposal.

    source: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vlrJiAkDWhsJ:manilaconcertscene.tumblr.com/post/564583408/a-kelly-clarkson-experience-by-manila-concert-scene+who+was+that+kelly+clarkson+concert+this+last+song+Vernon+Go+propose+a&cd=1&hl=tl&ct=clnk&gl=ph

  3. I wish I could also catch big international artists. Actually, almost all of my fave artists went here last year –> david cook, craig david, boyce avenue. and SECONDHAND SERENADE!… but I wasn’t able to see anyone of them.

  4. “You can sense a great sadness inside of her, but it’s as if she’s made peace with it. I don’t know if this would make sense, but it’s like, she’s got sadness inside of her, but she’s not sad?”

    It makes sense; I should know (feelingera e, hehe, and I guess that’s maybe why I love KC). The concert was indeed very special – the voice, the energy, the attitude, the band, they’re all great! Sana maulit 😀

  5. I love Kelly! Sayang I wasn’t able to catch it. She’s really good and successful! 😉

  6. K E L L Y R O C K S!!!! i love you KC!!! love you too chico and delle! sayang asa harap kayo ako andun sa likod! but still it was heaven just to be there and listen live!!

  7. Hi Chico

    thank you soo much for the great review of the concert.. yeah she was awesome!!! 🙂 loved every second of it too.. 🙂 im glad you had so much fun as well.. 🙂

    and yeah, that was the proposal of vernon to me.. hahah 🙂 she is my ultimate dream idol kasi eh.. so everything that night was just soo memorable and special.. 🙂

    thank you again.. 🙂


  8. Yey! I’m watching her tomorrow, here in Taiwan. We bought the tickets months ago and we are super excited! 🙂

  9. aww…… am in SK and she’s one of the few artists that i’m willing to sell an arm and a leg just to watch her perform. thanks for the sharing, though. at least i got an idea on how she really is like. ^.^

  10. I have to agree with you my fave part is when she sang the mash up of That I Would Be and Use somebody.. My only disappointment was she didn’t sing Beautiful Disaster but it’s just me being a brat.. But the whole concert was really good! i almost cried.. 🙂

  11. I had the pleasure to watch Carrie Underwood’s Play on Tour concert last night here in Florida and I must say, she was truly incredible. She had always sounded great on TV or radio but her voice is “more great” when hearing her sing live. Indeed, she has outstanding pipes and knows very well how to use them. Truly worthy of being an IDOL to a lot of people. Made me love country music even more.

  12. Apparently, she dropped by here in Singapore also…but her concert wasn’t as big as it should be…it wasn’t talked about that much. My housemate works in Outback, Kelly had her dinner there as if she is just an ordinary customer. A typical blonde girl and must say, she really gained weight that nobody even noticed that she is Kelly Clarkson…until the bouncer followed her to the loo…and when she hand-over her personal credit card upon paying their meal =P…a special card with KELLY CLARKSON engraved…goodness, I almost faint! I should have catch her …she is amazing!

  13. I was there too. 🙂 She’s incredibly fantastic! I love her voice and mind you she barely drunk her water…amazing! I agree that you can feel the sadness in her songs but like what she said she’s just being real that’s why many of us can relate to her songs. I love that she performed even her old songs like Sober, Cry, Addicted, but I noticed yeah Beautiful Disaster was missing. I loved that song too but nevertheless the concert was truly FUN and AMAZING. I wish she comes back soon.I love Kelly Clarkson…as if it isn’t obvious..haha

  14. Update on Kelly Clarkson’s concert here in Taipei. The front-acts sucked, like they just picked 3 people from the audience to sing, the lighting sucked. Twice, the lights went off and she had to sing accapella. But Kelly was awesome!! She just has a super nice voice and she carried it all off. To top it off, she was barefoot the whole time! Ang cool d b? 🙂

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