13 comments on “Going Gaga

  1. i do go gaga over this lady! you nailed it chico. if she isn’t influential enough, what is she then when she can make people do these stuff? and they’re already brilliant impersonating her.

  2. I just learned about Lady Gagita yesterday because he/she was featured in Saksi, then I was able to watch this video earlier courtesy of Dru haha! And yes, he/she will be featured in Jessica Soho tonight. Indeed, whoever’s behind this parody is a genius. Very entertaining and so hilarious! Walang-wala yung sa Afghanistan and On The Rocks! 😀

  3. Wow kakapanood pa lang namin ni bob ng vid ni Lady Gagita kanina, tawa kami ng tawa.
    The world has Gaga fever!!! Did you know that her first international appearance was in Miss Universe 2009?

    Have you seen these vids made by Indonesian kids.

  4. hahaha … astig lady gagita …
    oo nga parang ang lakas talaga ng influence ni lady gaga
    pang kids of all ages …

  5. “On The Rocks is an all-male (or are they?) a cappella group from the University of Oregon. Love her or hate her, she’s inescapable.”

    are you trying to imply that there are females in the group? or are you insinuating that there are gays? gees is that suppose to be funny?

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