56 comments on “Masculine Wash

  1. “With head down and shades on, I asked the saleslady: “Miss, meron kayo nung panghugas ng…alam mo na…ibon?“ When she brought me to the pet supplies aisle, I knew they didn’t have it.”

  2. i heard you talking about this specific topic with del over the radio. it actually made me smile and at the same time i thought that you (chico) seems to be really concerned with your hygiene (specially on your nether regions) and i think that’s a really nice trait for a guy to have! i’d personally prefer to smell something fresh when i go exploring “down under”. congrats to your partner and i hope she appreciates your efforts. 😀

  3. I was having a bad day in the office.. and then, I read this.. .and here I am laughing out loud!!! 🙂
    Thanks for making me laugh. Napaka descriptive nito! Parang Im there seeing your thing. Heheh.

  4. oh chico this is just funny! the title alone caught my dirty mind and i’m not halfway done reading i’m already laughing my head off. your wordplay is so clever, all the puns & innuendoes…so what happened between the massage & the rinsing? and really ha, large “area”? *wink wink*

    and you’re definitely giving this product some marketing. i will get back to you after i got “in the position”…to purchase one of these. 😀

  5. chico, ang cool naman nun. i actually suggested this to my gay crush, hahaha

    as for the saleslady sa shopwise, natawa naman ako ni-literal na ibon nga! what’s the difference between the male and female wash?

  6. FUUUUNNNNNYYYY!!! i love this entry!

    yeah, what’s the difference? does it also have ph balance or something similar?

  7. hi chico..i actually heard you yesterday talking about the masculine wash and i was also thrilled and i even told my hubby about it and i would buy him that product this weekend 😀

  8. hahahahahaha…you never fail to make me laugh, Chico. and this post definitely did the job. hahahahaha just the way you described each step made us feel like we were right there with you…hahahahahahahahahhaah

  9. “…okay, let’s fast forward to the rinsing.” hahaha…

    i wouldn’t have mind the exxxtra details involved in the washing process… nice read – made my day!!

  10. nice photo chico! hahahaha! you really are funny. sana nakakahawa ang kabaliwan mo. hehehe! and you even thought of “a hundred miniature groin elves fanning your balls with mini mint leaves.” hahaha!

    it’s nice to hear you guys every morning when im at work. gets me in the right mood that lasts throughout the day. 🙂

  11. hi chico! shocks, ung pinapangarap mo lang, nagkatotoo agad?! naks naman! i remember you and del were just talking about it last wed nga ba un? that if there would be a masculine wash out in the market, you’ll be excited to buy it first hand! wahahahaha!! 🙂

  12. i had my husband buy this last February pa when we saw it in SM Supermarket. In fairness, it smelled good, and according to my husband it had a “cooling” effect. ^_^

  13. There’s a masculine soap I bought in the past called Peni-Fresh. Nothing really amusing, just a soap that smelled like mint.The price? Well around 50 pesos for a small bar. it’s avaiable in supermarkets and department stores of the B,C,D crowd.
    If men want to smell good down under, just wash it properly, and change underwear more often. Undies with ABQ (anti-bacterial quality) will also prevent odors. There’s no need for a msaculine wash as it’s not really guaranteed to offer long lasting protection. Those products are just a marketing plot. What’s frustrating kasi is that most soap fragrances made locally are pambabae. Soaps such as Dial and Irish Spring are way more expensivc than Palmolive or Safeguard.
    If it’s the sexy masculine fragrance you’re after, just buy a soap for men such as Blackwater by Ever Bilena which is around 50 pesos for a medium-sized (90g) bar. It can be used for “special occasions”.
    Finally, Chico, if you really want that cool, minty feeling, just use toothpaste. There was this sexy star from several years ago who claims that she uses strong mint toothpaste for her vagenitals. I tried it also and man it felt really cool even after you rinse it off.

  14. Wow…can’t wait to check this product….I really miss you and del since nag midshift ako. Thanks for this one..nakakatanggal stress….galing

  15. i was going through my daily dose of blogs before I go to bed. Reading this entry made me awake now. your eggplant is shriveled already! and you should’ve used potatoes instead of eggs to make it more… um realistic. hahaha.

  16. can’t stop laughing while reading this entry. thanks for making us laugh all the time. can’t point out the best part coz all of it is hilarious.

  17. i swear Chico, you are crazy! kidding! i love reading your blog 😀 i knew you were going to buy the product, you can’t stop talking about it eh.

  18. I was on my way home when I heard you and delamar talking about this… Everyone in the fort bus thought i was nuts laughing on my own… thanks for keeping me company

  19. haha! ngayon lang ako nagka interest magbasa ng blog coz of this “masculine wash” thing na ‘to. haha You’re so funny, i can imagine you…(oops pervs ba ako..hehe)..just imagine how you talk to the sales lady and asked about the ‘panghugas ng ibon and then she brought you to the pet supplies…haha! i’m laughing my head off and still giggling hehe…hanep sa sense of humor. 🙂

  20. hi chico,

    you are really funny! i just can’t stop laughing while reading this.
    thanks and BTW, you have the best blog site ever…

  21. When I first saw a one picture-post on Ang Tunay Na Lalake Blog about this so-called ‘Masculine Wash’ I thought this is not from the Philippines. Well your post seals the deal. Wala kaming ganyan dito sa Middle East. Hehe. Soap nga lang malaking question na kung ginagamit ng mga tao dito what more kung may specific body parts pa. Congrats! With great power comes great responsibility kaya don’t forget to shake it before using.

  22. If you’re interested in hygiene and minimizing odors down there, then I suggest shaving. Unpleasant odors are caused by microbes/bacteria that thrive on your sweat, which is trapped in your pubes. So if you shave there’s less surface area for the sweat to cling to and for the microbes to thrive on. I know it sounds freaky and it feels weird at first but once you get used to it you’ll never let your hair down there grow out again. 😉

  23. first things first,have del ever read this post?coz i betcha, she is so gonna tell you your such a pervert!i have not agreed this much with her until after reading this post.

    But hey, what the heck,this was really funny.as in i was literally laughing out loud.you brought us with you in the bathroom while doing it..i mean trying the product with your so vivid description.this really funny.too bad im missing tmr since im out of the country-time diff man..grr..

    Anyhow,for all those who sent in their comments,you guys are funny as well.really, i read every single comment verbatim.twas just as entertaning.

    And lastly,i agree with lurker.yes,you can try to shave,or at least trim your pubes to lessen or eliminate smell from that area.it sounds weird and probably will feel so esp if hair is growing-it brings some sort of itchy feeling-but once you get used to it,you wont let it get bushy again.

    It serves so much purpose.it is more easy for those who say hello to jun jun if there aint no pubes on the way.and personally,i feel extra sexy when im newly and neatly trimmed.

    Btw,with the “large amount for large area” part..naaahhh!press release!!hahahahaha

  24. this reminded me of a film where jude law would spray his thing with perfume just in case he gets into “action” when he goes out..

  25. toothpaste,tried that as well..it is good,when you put/rub in the right amount.it gives a burning sensation when you put in too much.. 😀

  26. being hygienic is a good thing for both men and women. glad to know that there are available products out there. Freshman Masculine Wash is really a nice buy.

  27. hahaha my husband actually bought 2 bottles of these Mascualine wash.. He was thinking baka panandalian lang daw itong product na ito so next time raw he would stock up on these. hahahaha

  28. I feel like a loka lokang babae in our office laughing at this super hilarious post!

    I bought hubby a bottle at SM. Freshman is the brand! This masculine wash is one great and easy to use product for men. Basta, smelling superb talaga especially in our climate kahit anung macho mo, you’d still need this. 😀 It’s not messy unlike Masculine bar soaps that you can’t bring to the gym.

    As for me, the personal tester! Freshman gets a 10/10! 😀


  30. Masculine wash is a waste of money. There is feminine wash because (1) women’s pubic hair gets wet after a pee and therefore germs and bacteria can accumulate, and (2) women’s sex organ are slightly open (depending on how much it’s used as procreation tool), and therefore inner parts are exposed to germs and bacteria in the air. Obviously, men’s sex organs are different.

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