11 comments on “SOCO (6-Course Dinner)

  1. My mind just saw: “FOOD!” and ate every last morsel.

    That made me LOL IRL. ;p

    It is so wrong to be reading this at 1AM. Nagugutom na tuloy ako. >__<

    On food photography, ang hirap talaga in artificial light. It doesn't look as pretty and appetizing. Well, for me anyway. I love using natural light when I can. Or play around with the white balance na lang.

  2. Finally! This makes me miss you guys more! Our first order of business when I get back is to have dinner at another private dining place (sssshhh…don’t tell your doctor ha). See you guys soon! 🙂

  3. after indulging oneself in to this 6-course dinner . . . you have double your exercise . . . yum yum !!!

  4. I’d say, it’s money well spent…live life! As long as you can afford it and able to, experience what life has to offer.

  5. That SOCO dining experience sounded totally delightful. Am jealous reading about it. How do I get a reservation? I already walk around the neighborhood for an hour a day, but will most probably have to up that just to indulge this way. Sigh, the things we do to partake of joie de vivre.

  6. This looks good! Where is this? I don’t know if its your descriptions or your photos but it makes me want to go there and eat! haha 🙂

  7. Hi Chico! Spot.ph is doing a top ten private dining list and we’re including Soco 🙂 I was wondering if we could use your Soco food shots? We will credit you of course and put a link to your blog. Let me know if this is okay with you?
    -Monica, Spot.ph

    • sure! tell me once the article comes out. i’d love to check out the other private dining places on your list. 🙂

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