12 comments on “Chico Vs. Philtranco Bus

  1. Chico its good that your safe. A lot of people I read in the network had worse. But I wish you had your camera with you and took their pictures. All the details of which bus number, but I understand you where in such a rush that day.

    These bus and drivers needs to be re-educated properly, because they are the road hazards right now. Imagine how they man handle their vehicles on the road like stuntmen on a action film.

    Though I haven’t driven a car for 10 years I know how the road is so dangerous right now. I know things will work out for now its good your not hurt.

  2. I just learned how to drive. And so far one of the thing I learned: Buses and jeepneys are asses. Kung maka tailgate parang bibilis ka pag malapit sila sayo. Ultimo lanes hindi masunod. Gads 😐 And tama rin yung sinasabi ni Del on-air na “may pambayad ba kayo?” thing. Share. And yeah. At least scratch lang at safe ka, Chico.

  3. Yan ang mahirap sa mga bus drivers satin, dinadaan nila sa laki ng sasakyan at malakas ang loob nila kasi hindi naman sa kanila yung mga dala nila. isang beses, muntik na ko banggain ng bus sa Edsa Pasay (near LRT) buti at side mirror lang ang nadali. Because of what? Dahil lang nag-aagawan sila sa mga pasareho! Grrrr! Sad to say, but I do wish that our bus drivers in the Philippines would be just like the bus captains here in Singapore.

  4. oh no . . . chico you post the plate number and i will tell my friends not to rice on this bus . . . or pabugbug na lang natin yung driver . . . ;(

  5. Hi Chico. I work for an insurance company. Yup, better you file your claim thru your insurance. You’ll have to shoulder the deductible but at least it will save you the hassle of trying to negotiate with the bus company. Most likely, they will just try to convince you to have your vehicle repaired by their in-house shop, which is of course totally unacceptable.

    As far as the driver is concerned, he will get away scott-free. I doubt his company will even suspend him. That is of course, unless you file a formal case against him (reckless imprudence resulting to property damage). The case probably won’t progress but at least you’ll inconvenience the a-hole and get him off the streets for a few days at most. It is only worth going this path if you have the time to spare.

    I guess the best thing to do now is just chill! 🙂

  6. Hi Chico. Those bus drivers are really a-holes to the maximum levels.

    Had the same experience with JMK Liner Corporation. The st*pid driver bumped our vehicle (on our way to work, at 8:00 in the morning!!) just here in the Makati area. Believe me, I know how you feel. That clanking metal sound is just too much to handle, you will instantly fear for your life.

    The difference between us is that we were able to take pictures, get a police report and all that BS procedure. Funny thing is, when you ask the driver and the conductor about the address of the Bus Company, they will refuse to give any detail to you, both of them saying they are just new to the company, like 2 weeks or so. I said, wow! Both of you pa ha!

    But being a lawyer, I sent the Bus Company a demand letter that same day. Turned out that the driver did not report the matter to the bus company (or so the company says). So I threatened all law suits I can think of, including revocation of their franchises. I discovered kse that they belong under one franchise, but to different owners, kaya you will be given a run-around in some instances, coz they have many addresses and phone numbers.

    They instantly referred the matter to their insurer and the latter talked to me from then on. Its actually better to deal with the insurer than the bus company.

    So you have two options here, first is to directly claim from your insurance company, pero you have the tendency of shouldering a part of the expenses. Second is proceed against the Bus Company the same way I did, and their insurer will shoulder everything, baka more than pa. Just dont agree na sa in-house shop nila ipagawa, insist that they send an inspector and say that you have someone to repair, so they’ll just give you the check.

    If you have questions, I’ll be more than willing to help. 🙂

  7. Hello Chico.

    We were just glad your are alright. Livid, sure, but none the worse for wear. What they all say is right, just deal with the insurance company and let them do the dirty work.

    I, for one, know how these bus drivers are actually TRAINED what to say or do in case of an accident, and the first rule is, “Act as if nothing happened.” The supposedly logic behind is that, if you can get away with it, then do so. After all, time is running is business should be the priority.

    Even if it costs a life. Yup, a cousin’s friend died of cold blooded murder. She was hit by a bus, and her scooter went under the belly of the bus. However, the driver took it upon himself to run over the girl even if there are a whole bunch of witnesses saying she’s very much alive but injured during the time of the accident. Why did the driver do that? Because it’s cheaper to pay for a coffin than lifetime physical therapy support or hospital bills.

    That’s how bad it really is.

    Take care.

  8. i have a hard time accepting “It’s no big deal, actually, people crash their cars all the time.” but then, it happened to me too last month along EDSA when a Ford Ranger crashed my car’s back and i eventually slammed on the Lancer in front of me. the difference is, the Chinese driver of the Ranger admitted outright his fault and even gave me P 1,000 for the “abala.” he had insurance and it was comprehensive enough to cover my damagae completely.

    but for a month, i have no car of my own to use, considering my business requires me to move around a lot and my daughter can only travel around when my brother’s not using our family’s Adventure!

    this is one hassle i wish never really happened. i feel the frustration, especially at a time when you seem to have a lot on your mind.

  9. Hay! So sad to hear about your accident. But I’m glad nothing happened to you! 🙂 As adriver I really have to say that bus drivers really wreak havoc on the streets, especially along EDSA!

    My close friend recently just had a similar accident with N. dela Rosa bus liner in Alabang. She was parked in front of Star Mall, when the bus hit her car. Now her aircon is malfunctioning. She was able to talk to the operators of the said bus liner, but now they’re not paying up. Because of the heat, she’s just gonna have her aircon fixed. They’ve been delaying and delaying, and it’s annoying and such a hassle!

    I hope you get your car fixed, Chico! Take care driving around!

  10. Hello!
    My apology if this is not the right channel to report this. Its my first time! I just like to report a N dela Rosa Bus Vehicle # DX141 travelling to Lucena. Yesterday Jun 23, it leaves Alabang terminal around 3:30 pm. The following are the issues: (1) issuing a handwritten ticket to some Lucena passengers, (2) showing malicious film (topless actresses, etc not for public viewing) entitled Demon Knight, (3) uncourteous conductor (arguing with passengers using harsh words because of handwritten tickets). Hope the authority could investigate and highlight these malpractices in some of our public transportation.

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