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  1. Ummm… di ko mabasa at maintindihan ‘yung suicide note 😦
    Grabe Chico. These Jejemons are everywhere talaga! Parang gremlins, pag nabasa dumadami. Scary!!!

  2. Hahaha..Now I know what jejemon is…thanks Chico! Geez, they’re everywhere…mga pa cute na retarded…hehe..be safe. 😀

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  4. Specialist,
    You are probably one of them if you really use “q” for ko and substitute q for k. It’s “kilala”, not qilala. I that was part of your joke.

    • BTW, the reason why we use “Q” in exchange for “ko” is to make texting a lot easier. Jejemons use the “Q” to make their texts “cuter”, whatever that is.

      For me, its all about speed in typing and the convenience, without really sacrificing the readability of the text.


      • i salute you. i am also a jejemon but nobody gets mad at me whenever i text that way. shortening your texts can reduce price of every msgs.

  5. try this: go to facebook, then account settings, go to the language tab and change the language to leet speak…. then u get the jeje language as your primary language hahahaha 😀

  6. just to share,i know someone like that and were friends in facebook and she constantly text me in an idiotic way that even a linguist wouldnt be understanding it, so one time she sent me a text message saying “gOodmOwniNg pFouh, uZtah? jejeje…” me just woke up got irritated texted her back “iF uR gOnNa tYpE lYk diS, miGhT as wElL gO to hELl.. jeje!!!! I mean it from the bottom of,my heart idiot!!! and by the way Good morning as well and thank you for adking, I’m fine.”

  7. In fairness, naintindihan ko naman in the first attempt the suicide note. I really hope this trend would die a quick death. Filipinos have an edge na nga for speaking english relatively well, why jeopardize it and idamay pa ang pilipino? Sino pa ang nagpa-uso nito? Sarap sapakin!

  8. wow, thanks Sir Chico for posting this! ang saya ko na makita ang pangalan ko sa 1st line ng post!

    About jejemons, i agree with the previous comments. they’re everywhere. they go in big groups and usually found in big malls – doing nothing or at least sucking the cold air provided by the AC. But i have to say that the way they type is truly genius yet annoying. They change everything from the usual to the extent that they’re the only ones that could decipher it! Thanks again for posting this and Hve a GReAT weEkEnd loLZ! Gv! XD

  9. oh Mr. Chico Garcia! these people are everywhere! and “everywhere” i mean is talagang KAHIT SAAN! nako! nakakaasar talaga yung mga caps! GRR! 😛

  10. sumakit ang ulo ko sa pag intindi. siguro kung ako ang nakabasa ng suicide note na yan malamang nag suicide na din ako. 🙂

  11. hahaha! natawa ako sa letter. winner!

    oh guys, I found a funny video also. It’s a parody of Telephone by Lady Gaga. I swear, you will have a good time watching it. But mind you, Lady Gagita and Heronce of that vid are very creative and resourceful on their props.

    Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88RNU719AYE
    Or… you could check my site – kung gusto niyo dagdagan hits ko (suggestion lang.. hehe)

  12. umpisa palang ng pagbasa sa jejemon texts, nahilo na ako so di ko na pinagpatuloy. nakakabuwang.

  13. Sumakit ulo ko sa note. I couldn’t read it any longer! I just couldn’t understand it! LOL. awesome post though chico. 🙂

  14. nainis ako. naburaot ang araw ko sa article mo. i was just browsing the other day what’s a jejemon kase i found aN fb pic of GIBO with that jejeMON message.. now I know what this is all about and definitely not happy with it. God, they are so RETARD!

  15. i was trying to understand it but heck for the life of me it was like reading a tongue twister in german!

  16. ugh…

    i hate jejemons! mashadong pacute na di maintindihan.

    i got a headache trying to decipher the suicide note. ugh.

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  18. mga pinoy nga naman, masyado pakielamero hindi naman nila kayo pinakekealaman kung ano sila.. wala na kayo maga2wa tlagang ganun sila mag txt eh dba..? maxado kayo nag papaapekto hindi naman kayo sinaktan.. ahaha.. kakatawa..

    • I’ll tell you what hurts about it…we get discriminated because of it. All Filipinos are now generalized as airheads, unfortunately.

      It also hurts the eyes and the brains of anyone clueless about their “language”.

  19. Just when I thought that text typing shortcuts were stupid enough, there comes this jejemon thing. Idiocy has evolved!

  20. you are all a big disgrace in our community… our country is suffering from illiteracy why are producing another problem again…

  21. ikinalulungkot ko na Sana hindi na lang pinalabas sa news yang jejemon na yan mas lalo lang tuloy magiging IN sa kabataan ang pagiging jejemon. ngayon alam ko na kung ano ibig sabihin ng jejemon masmagiging mapanghusga ako sa kapwa. Kuwawa ang kinabukasan ng mga kabataan kung masasanay sila sa ganitong pamamaraan na pag sasalita. Sobrang nakakabobo!

    • Same here! One of my friends does it too (for years! even now). I just delete her group messages all the time since I always had a hard time understanding what she said and if I managed to decipher everything in her message, I always end up getting a headache – literally. Plus my phone cannot keep up with her messages too (they were extra long!!!!!).

  22. actually, if they can decipher it then they’re smarter than us. its like writing in code. to americans, our taglish and filipino accent probably sound jejemon, anyway. so baduy, illiterate, and low class. jejejeje.

    • disagree…..Taglish is used ALL the time in and out of our country. Depende lang sa construction ng sentences. For example, at this moment, gumagamit ako ng Taglish ;P it doesn’t sound illiterate nor low class. If you speak both languages in their proper accents, okay lang pakinggan ang Taglish. Besides, there are a handful of words that you can never translate from English to Tagalog – we just use our accents (i.e. keyk)

      It is great that jejemons can decipher their messages BUT that doesn’t mean they are smarter than any average person. Look at it this way, if you’re not Arabic, you cannot understand their writing form – not even their spoken language. Does that make them smarter than you, jejemon? =)

    • and one more thing – I thought you should know. American English sounds dorky to British English. I did not include Australian English. They are all forms of English language. One sounds different from the other. Does that mean one of those languages sound illiterate and low class?

      Also, have you ever heard people from other country speak their language with English?

    • Who wrote this blog? I found a lot of grammatical errors that just made my skin crawl. I think it’s one of those jejemons trying to type in proper english but unfortunately failed big time! Then i looked at most of the comments below, I can’t even say a word in their petty attempt to defend the jejemon language.

  23. Oh my…so this is what the jejemon thing is about!

    I didn’t even read the suicide note. I was on the second word when I gave up.

    Out of curiosity, are there educated people actually participating in such a thing? I mean, really?

  24. if one can read a message from a jejemon,(like the suicide note) even if he/he doesn’t type that way, is it possible that he/she is may lahing jejemon too? 😉

    • ka-lahi natin karamihan sa mga jejemon though.

      but I can understand their language most likely because I have many friends who use this kind of language in text messaging since 5 years ago. That doesn’t mean na isa na ako sa kanila. bwahahaha XD

  25. jajajaja (joke). natawa ako sa suicide note, parang pag binasa un ng pulis para malaman ang cause of frustration, babarilin nila sarili nila dahil sa inis sa pagbabasa. hahaha.

    andaming jejebullshits, dito. usually public schoolers at mga dark-colored, they r like aliens, nagkakaintindihan with each other, at pinapatay ang mga others, or atleast make others hate them.

    • “usually public schoolers at mga dark-colored” <– dude you gotta be careful next time in using these words because you're bordering on being politically incorrect.

    • well,ipinakpakita lng nung girl kung cno talaga sya.it does not matter who u are.atleast ginawa nya ang best nya just to know who she is.kung pagiging jejemon ang natutunan nya,and pinakita ng girl yung tunay nyang pag-katao in this note,it seems hnd nya ikinakahiya kung cno at ano ang meron sa knya. 🙂

  26. hello,nabasa ko yung suicide note ng babae,na-hurt dn naman ako dun,pinili yung dota tapos dinenay na girlfriend nya sya, ouch!honestly,naintindihan ko talaga yung jejemon na suicide note.pero hnd ako jejemon promise!well,is the suicide note true?

  27. whooo…that was lame….

    these friggin’ jejemons are everywhere….
    they’re like a plague…

  28. Question: Bakit jeje-cap ang props ng mga jejemon?

    Answer: maraming dahilan kung bakit ganun ang itsura ng jeje-cap…

    may rainbow colors
    tska pinapatong lang sa ulo.

    ok, eto na ang reasons…

    1) mahaba – para mag mukha lang tanga.. yun lang…

    1) rainbow color – mahilig manood ng youtube. Puro yun lang ang ginagawa. Manood at mag-comment. Tingnan nyo na lang ang comments sa mga sikat na youtube uploads, puro mga jejemon mga nag-comment. Kala mo marami alam pero…

    3) pinapatong lang sa ulo – madaling matanggal. kahit anong ibigay mong aral sa kanila, lilipad lang yun.. parang hinangin na jeje-cap.

    and finally…
    4) yung jeje-cap mismo…

    Yun ang piniling prop kasi CAP-os na nga sa pera, (iskwaking),
    CAP-os pa sa pag-iisip!

    Beware of the jeje-mons. Baka matulad ka nila…

  29. For some reason, these Jejemons have caused people to mistake us L337sp34k3rs as one of them. We are different from them. We evolved from the needs of the Internet and we have technological sophistication as compared to those idiots!

  30. Nakakaloka. Supposedly dapat nakakalungkot kasi suicide note, pero habang binabasa ko siya natatawa ako, its amusing in trying to decipher the suicide note. Pag binasa mo siya mapapansin mo parang pangbata ang tono ng suide note. Buti nalang naiintindihan ko most of the words

  31. sikat na talaga kayo.. pwo ang hirap nang language nyo basahin !! napipilipit tlaga yong dila ko.. haizt !! WHATEVER !!

    • sayang .. !! bakit kasi inuna nag DOTA !!.. i dont what does it mean pwo natatawa ako kasi ang hirap basahin … hahahah ❤



    that is all.

  33. I am really pissed whenever i receive text msg. like that.it’s nonsense.It opposes the purpose of communication.It shortens the knowledge you think??

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