16 comments on “Glee!

  1. I am still getting into glee mania, would you believe it? I only caught partially one episode last week, and I decided to check it out via… nooninoo… rip-offs. =)

  2. the original broadway cast of Spring Awakening had Jonathan St. Groff play Melchior and Lea Michele play Wendla, the two main characters. this is a reunion for them too.

  3. Thanks for posting the videos. I love idina menzel,!!! i’m so glad she guested on glee. Can’t wait for her performance of I Dreamed a Dream and with her and Rachel’s performance of PokerFace.

  4. thanks for posting the videos from glee, spring awakening and wicked. Yeah, i’ve been a fan of these musicals waay before Glee become a hit and im glad that they’ve featured original broadway cast members of these musicals in Glee.

  5. sayang not the best defying gravity version. idina had an asthma attack 10min prior to performing this song

  6. Hey Chix-
    Saw Spring Awakening last year and it was AWESOME! I wanted to see HAIRSPRAY last weekend, it was playing around here last weekend but I had to work. UGH. Oh well…

  7. Your wish was granted chico… u wanna see sue to be all dolled up right, hahaha !!!! the best vogue cover !!!! i am a GLEEK !

  8. Saw the Madonna episode, and I loved their mash-up version of Borderline and Open You Heart more than the other Madonna songs covered. =)

  9. Just saw the episode last night! Grabe! Tama kayo ni Del, bumawi sila sa medyo not so interesting comeback episode. This Power of Madonna episode is awesome! Worth ulit-ulit-ulit-ulit-ulitin… Makahanap na nga ng kopya :p

  10. i love Glee!!!!

    Idina and Jane Lynch both look fantastic. I love that madonna episode. First episode wasnt that bad either.
    The more I watch it makes me feel like wanting to be part of the cast. arrgh if only I got the voice >__<

    oh yeah, I love hearing the updates from your show, chico, since I can't watch it on its air dates. Im glad that tv shows thought of replays.ahehe

  11. I love Glee! I was laughing so hard when you made that blooper on-air and accidentally called the glee fans “jerks” instead of “gleeks” Hahaha!

    And I agree the Madonna episode was better. 🙂 Like a Virgin was sooo hot! And Like a Prayer was so powerful!
    It’s already in the news actually that producer Ryan Murphy is planning another Madonna episode for season 2.

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