7 comments on “The Top Ten Moments When A Family Member Embarrassed You

  1. nyahahah!laugh trip tlga!i was so sleepy knina here in the office.wen i read this top 10 entries, was trying so hard to suppress my laughter kc nsa likod ko pa nman desk ng boss ko!waheheh! i wanted her to read this also kaso she’s thai! nyahaha.ayos!

    my own embarrassing moment:when i was in h.s my classmates used to hang out at my place.one of them asked my sister who was then 12 if we have water. my sis goes: nakikita mo yng malaking tangke ng tubig?kahit lunurin pa kita jan! nyahahah 😛

    another one: my parents and i went to cagayan to visit their college friends.one friend goes: eto ba yung made in cagayan? my dad said: oo, eto yun!

    well, thank god for these moments na din..masaya balik balikan.

  2. haha! I loved 18, 20, and 25!

    Ako din may dagdag. When my brother was in college, he got dengue. He was hospitalized for more than a week. One time, when his girl classmates dropped by, my mom suddenly said. Buti pa sila, naligo. Ilang araw ka na di naliligo. hehe. My bro turned beet red.

  3. ahahahaha ang saya saya naman! sobra nakakatawa toh!!hehe sayang di ko napakingan nun i-air nyo sa radio. 🙂

    • try to look for it in cdtop10.blogspot.com. Blueritz has been posting for 2 years now. It should be there 🙂

      And being one of the people who benefit, Thanks again BlueRitz!!

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