14 comments on “The Top Ten Best Text Messages

  1. Chico, I think the commercial you’re referring to is the one with 2 deaf and mute people, not blind. heehee. Sorry for nitpicking. That Nokia commercial was one fo the best out there in terms of advertising SMS. =)

  2. hi! I think the celphone commercial featured two deaf people – not blind as noted in your intro. WalA pa yatang brail na text hehe though that would be a great invention

  3. speaking of text messages, i think you should have a top ten topic on jejemon moments/quotes. (jejemons are those who “GhAn1Th0W mHhAG ThYpHz PhOwz”)

    and kindly see these anti-jejemon vids/ political parodies.

  4. i remember what happened to Delle while chico was delivering my entry about Vicky Belo sending letter to all gwapo and maganda! hahaha!

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