39 comments on “Sugar Is Evil

  1. You’re talking to a doctor – so he/she is the expert. But this seems to be extreme. Even I will not survive with this kind of diet. Although – I have heard of this before. It’s essentially the same as the South Beach diet —- the first part of the diet is to cut you off from sugar so you stop craving for it. Then you will start to re-introduce the healthy sugars. Hopefully – that’s the case — if you continue to have no sugar in your diet for long periods of time — that won’t be sustainable. You will end up buringot – and you might lose your sense of humor. Kawawa naman kaming listeners ng the Morning Rush — we will have to contend with delamar’s sense of humor. Peace.

  2. in know you’re in deep state of depression pero natatatawa talaga ako sa post mo. sorry. hope things work out for you

  3. Ok lang un chico. Tiis tiis lang. I have this uncle na diabetic. Kawawa kasi nag iinject siya ng meds sa tuhod. I guess its called insulin. I’m not really sure. Pero di sya pwede na di umuwi sa house nila pag gabi kung lalabas siya kasi the following morning dapat masaksakan ulit sya nun. Kaya kahit gusto nya magstay sa wake ni mom last year, di pwede. Hilig ata nun sa matatamis nung bata bata pa siya saka sa rice.

  4. that is the fortune of diabetics, and prediabetics.. Esp if it runs in the family. But heed the warnings of your doctor. walang gamot ang diabetes. the best pa rin ang prevention. thus your dr is adamant that you refrain from it. 45 gms a day lang ang pwede. as in half a cup per meal. dayain mo na lang at idaan mo sa salad. pig out on it then pag pagod ka na, then the proteins. then last mo yung rice.. that is pag may space pa sa tiyan mo.

    sugar is not your friend.

  5. aww, chico… pero okay lang yan noh.. tiis-tiis,. one day i can realy never tell the difference between you and your twin brother derek.

    go chico! ^_^

  6. hey chico! magpa-top ten ka naman ng bizzare ways to lose/gain weight
    (Or something like that).
    I’m sure madami kang makukuhang “tips” from the rushers! =)

  7. FOLLOW YOUR DOCTOR! He’s correct. We need you to survive the next century so that funny lives on. The Radio needs you!

    But Lord is right, sobra naman ang doctor mo. I would say iwasan mo lang ang softdrinks and lessen the rice intake.


  8. awww, chico. i’ve lived with my stepmom who’s diabetic. i swear, it was difficult not just for her but for me, too. i kind of aquired her diet. as in, pati ako pumayat. na-miss ko yung luto nya then i couldn’t take home the usual foods i like kase di nya kakainin. but you can do it, nasasanay naman eh. besides you could still eat what you want occasionally, i guess. 😉

  9. you can lower your blood sugar by detoxifying and then taking mannos. i take it as a preventive measure since diabetes kind of runs in the family. very effective in lowering cholesterol as well.

  10. if my mom leahganda you can do it. she’s a diabetic. she has glaucoma due to diabetis. i don’t think you’d want that. she’s not insulin dependent but still, better be safe than sorry. =)

  11. haha sorry but this is so funny. I love the bawal kamote, bawal LOVE. Take a snack of a teaspoon of lukewarm water and half a leaf of lettuce… I love your humor even when youre upset.

    Seriously though, sorry for your misery chico….

  12. Hello Chico.

    I am sorry for your plight. It is really hard, but maybe you just have to heighten up your appetite for other things non-carb, or non-food for that matter, hehe. Or take a healthy diet, but drink lots and lots of water before meals. How about stevia, have you asked your doctor for this? I heard they are good for diabetics. Not sure though if your doctor will allow it for you. Mej drastic nga kasi if no sugar at all.

    I myself has a sweet tooth, but I am very discriminate. I only like chocolates and softdrinks. Rice, cake, ice cream and pastries–not so much. But junk food is a weakness, that’s why I am cutting down on them myself.

    Whenever I get the urge, I look at my daughter and my husband, and say, okay, I wanna stay with them for long while. =)

    Good luck.


  13. i know it’s hard, but u have to do the doctor’s advice. it’s for your own sake din naman. tiis muna.

  14. bawal LOVE?! you are so funny chico! even if you are in your food-upset-mode you are still adorable and funny!

  15. Hi Chico,

    Is this like a cold turkey approach? Grabe naman. But perhaps your sugar level is way over the top? I know there’s this blood chem test where you’ll be able to see not just your sugar levels but also cholesterol, etc. (not sure if you mentioned it in your earlier posts). I know I’m not a doctor, but a total cold turkey approach to sweets is way over the top. But then again, it all depends on your sugar level.

    There are some people who say that in dieting, you don’t have to deprive yourself of every good food there is, just eat in moderation. But I guess yours is a serious case if your doctor wants you to have this gung-ho, Shaolin monk approach to dieting. I’m also currently dieting, counting my calories & doing 30-minute exercises every day, so I know & I share your plight. It’s very difficult to cut back on what you’re eating when you’re so used to eating all the sinful stuff. Hehe.

    Those who are not partial to sweets have it easy. I love sweets too, and the pain is just unbearable when you’re forced to stop taking it altogether.

  16. i love your line “What next? Bawal kamote? Bawal water? Bawal air? BAWAL LOVE?!?”– ang drama!! hahaha .. i really chukled here at the office…buti na lang wala si boss..

  17. Hi Chico,

    I know its hard to avoid eating all the stuff you love but take my word,it would be good for you. My nanay (may she rest in peace) was also a diabetic & its a really hard disease to combat. Medyo matigas ang ulo nya when in comes to following her doctor’s advice and this cause for her ailment to worsen. I’m not scaring you but its the truth. Eventually this became the cause of her death…

    Kaya tiis muna, everything will be alright once your body adjusted to the routine.

    Take care of yourself always and God bless!!!

  18. poor chico…but its for you naman talaga. ive handled oral antidiabetic meds and we’ve studied the disease, its not pretty… u could lose a limb!

    lets just eat at cyma, plenty of yum yum salads… specially rokasalata! hay…

  19. cheer up chico! its for your own health 🙂
    I wish you had a cheat day atleast para maibsan yung longing mo sa mga bawal sayo..

  20. Pwede bang i-like tong post na to katulad sa FB?! hehehe, ang cute eh! one of the most funniest blog entry, chico!

    Anyway, ang hirap naman nyang lagay mo.. I can only imagine what it’s like to be deprived of eating food I like the most… but I do hope na makaya mo… it’s for your own good naman.. ask your doctor/herbalist what other stuff can he suggest for alternative.. =)

  21. I read on my Nursing book that working out or doing heavy exercise can be actually a help for diabetics. I hope this helps.

    • Ay! Pwede rin pala ung sinasuggest ni paulignatius. Pwede niong pagusapan ng doctor mo ung mga food alternatives. Pwede kayong gumawa ng menu, of course with a dietician to make sure that you are meeting your caloric needs.

  22. Do you still go to Dr. ___ every Monday? I admire your dedication going there weekly all these years. I find it hard to completely avoid eating chicken. What’s with chicken anyway? I think it is common for his patients advocating “No to Chicken”.

  23. poor you, but you have to comply, its one thing to gain weight but to have diabetes, ill stick to his/her diet plan, its for your own good,

  24. aaw, chico… what you can do is to replace brown rice (glycemic index ave of 60) with pasta (GI ave of 40).
    then, next, cut down the servings to half, unless you want to die and not eat at all.
    then, trick your mind that you are already full. take caffeinated beverages (i.e. coffee, but not too much) plus add EGCG (from green tea) to make the adrenaline rush of coffee last longer.
    and, of course, a few minutes of exercise (esp. cardio) every day to keep the blood flowing through vessels smoothly.

  25. hey chico my mom take this herbal tea and it helped her lower her sugar level. its pinakuluang tubong lalaki and pandang lalaki. she drank it for a month as a substitute to water.

  26. hahaha…sobrang natawa ako sa teaspoon of lukewarm water! 🙂

    my mom-in-law taught me that OKRA is a good source of lowering your blood sugar. cut it in half and soak it overnight in the ref, then drink in the morning the liquid. may yucky feeling nga lang pero it works daw.

    my father has diabetes and has tried it all. he said the best solution is to keep on exercising, he walks and jogs everyday and still gets to eat rice.

    goodluck chico, kaya mo yan! 🙂

  27. haizt… another diabetic people i know…
    well chico its better to follow what the doctor tells onto you.
    my father died in diabetic 4yrs ago ( usually all my relative in my father side died in diabetes)
    and now i watch my food coz i don’t want to be like him.

    Goodluck and i know you can make it without rice and all that stuff.(wag mo sanayin ang sarli mo sa mga bagay na pwede naman wla sau dba???)

  28. What next? Bawal kamote? Bawal water? Bawal air? BAWAL LOVE?!? — This line made me burst into laughter. :))

  29. Nakikiramay, Chico. But here’s my story which might help ease the hurt: I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I went through the whole gamut of emotions and trials and medications and alternative lifestyles, that’s why I can empathize with you fully. I coped because my hubby was very supportive and also subjected himself to the same diet and lifestyle, so I had a companion in that sense. He wasn’t really in good shape either so the whole thing became beneficial for him too. After some weeks, we began to realize that we actually felt good physically because we were eating right and living right. Perhaps sooner than you think, following your doctor will prove to be the best course to take. Do talk to him some more about the program he’s putting you into so that goals become clearer. Take care, your rushers are here for you.

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