34 comments on “Photo Contest (The WINNER!!!)

  1. amazing shots.. good job and congratulations Gem and of course Congrats Chico and Delle for coming up with this contest. =D

  2. nice pictures. segue lang gem, my friend, sino yung girl na nagsusulat dun sa 4th pic? haha.kiddin.

  3. nice shots indeed! but the concepts arent original..its either the winner is an fb friend of MARC NELSON or a friend of friends of friends of MARC NELSON that they actually tried themselves to do a ‘levitate’ shots and eventually published it online…but nevertheless GREAT SHOT! but give credits yeo!


    • No, not an original concept, people on beaches have been jumping and posing in mid-air and posting their photos online in the past:

      Levitation over the mounts
      Yoga Levitation
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/42324714@N04/4220648232 (well, this one has cows in pasture, not a beach)
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/7633487@N07/461448902 (and this guy just looks like a constipated Jackie Chan)

      A little more googling, facebooking and multiplying will probably reveal loads more pics of that sort. So, I think the requirement to attribute is somewhat nebulous in this case, given that there are so many similar pics aside from the one cited by givecreditwherecreditisdue. Who knows, maybe they were inspired by Dhalsim. I know I am. (What?)

      I think we’re all agreed it’s a difficult shot to make, though, so congrats to Gem. =)

      • first of all, i apologized when i said that the concepts were taken from MARC NELSON. i somehow thought he already patented the move..i’m such a fan, i’m so naive so please sue me 🙂

        second of all..what are the rules again???

        1. summer-themed ✓
        2. must have a rx 93.1 in it ✓
        3. no age limit ✓
        4. can use any type of cameras ✓
        5. keep the photo in PI ✗ – have to ask why? does summer only happens in the PI? HELLO! pinoys..all over
        6. many entries as you want ✗ – dude! *whispers* its not a raffle draw

        so next time they shoulda woulda coulda include ‘ORIGINALITY’??? i dunno…its always chix & dels call. as what they say ‘the decision is final’ 🙂

        third of all…it was a tough shot indeed so i give credits to Gem, as in wow no camera shake! but if i were the judge i would have pick the SORBETERO…but Gem’s shots are really nice so congrats but the sorbetero is more OH MY GOD HOW CAN I STOP!!!….yeo!

        fourth…sorry to make an uproar from other fans, i did really expect tons of creativity…just like chicos shots 🙂

  4. Congrats to the winner. Nice shot/s. But I agree that levitating shots are not that original, altho really quite hard to do. You have to have a specifically very nice cam to take the photo without blurs or such. Nevertheless, Gem So deserved the top prize. Kudos. =)

  5. looking on the first picture i dis agree for the result but moving forward and seeing the other pics he sent . . . i also approved it! Congratulations !!!

  6. congrats… ang laki nung bulge sa 3rd pic from the bottom. damn, ba’t yun lang ang naappreciate ko.

  7. Collectively, with all the photos that Gem sent, she really deserve the top prize. The top photo was indeed summer-y and full of fun and excitement … Chico and Delle really picked the BEST photo …

  8. i did not like the pics of the winner halata n photoshopped why not for the one ung nasa beach with the girl whipped her hair and the ice cream (sorbetes) photo obviously walang originality ung nanalo even a 1st grader can do it…

  9. superlike ko ung hermit crab.. 😀 and the one above it.. congrats to gem & syempre to C&D..

  10. @ benz: Hahaha! Ang kulet di nga photoshop yan. They can jump because they are capoeristas! We are so good, people think it’s photoshopped. Hahahaha! I love it

  11. Actually none of this was edited… i can explain how the shot was done in detail… and even though similar shots were published on the net, i assure you we thought of those shots on the spot! lolz! and it took us quite sometime to get these shots right… bwahahaha!

    nice gem! looking forward to more awesome pics with your new digicam! bwahahahaha!

  12. now i know…people really have to comment on something to be informed and to be corrected…my comment is one of those thanks JOEM….

  13. OMG! Congrats gem! When was this taken? While I was getting a massage or eating my LOOONG lunch? Hindi po sya photoshopped. Super galing lang talaga ng mga capoeristas tumalon especially someone like jason (one in the winning picture) who has been practicing the martial art for a couple of years. I love pison’s flying photo (the one before the crab)…i can just imagine what happened after! Pison is never afraid to fall or injure himself. =)

  14. hahaha… it’s not a bad fall thea… it’s what people call the butterfly… really easy to do… kelangan lng magaling ung kumukuha ng pic… hahaha!

  15. Looking at the pictures of the runners up, hhmmm……I was expecting a more exciting, colorful and true to the summer theme winner.

    I think almost all of my Facebook friends have tried the “jumping / levitation” shots. Heck, even I, tried it and got a really nice shot on my first attempt….and I’m not even athletic! What I’m trying to say is that the concept wasn’t that original. Anyways, congrats to the winner.

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