23 comments on “Photo Contest (The Runners-up)

  1. wow! awesome pictures with different concepts and styles.. Filipinos really have all the talents and bright ideas in the world.. great job guys and congratulations to all. ^^

  2. yey!!! new post!!! i thought that you already forgot your blog. nice pics. i love the sorbetero shot and the one below it.

  3. i love the one where the barkada is sitting by the beach shores pointing to the sky..very “meteor garden- ish” …..well done

  4. Dapat may part 2! The runners-up are all good. Sakit sa ulo nga siguro mamili ng winner. uy si melags nakapasok! joanna c? joannasas?

    • siguradong sumakit ulo nila CnD sa pagpili ng pics.. galing nga at nakapasok entry ni melags at oo si joannaSas nga yung joanna c hehehe galing galing nila..

  5. i have seen the photo sent by “Melags” from the net.. i have once used it as an avatar..
    i just hope he/she was the original of it..

  6. congratulations to all the runners up. you guys did great!
    i can’t wait to see the winning picture

    andi says thank you for liking her picture. 🙂

  7. Wow! its good to know you liked what we did guys! kahit di kami yung winner just coz you appreciate yung entries namin, parang winner nadin! 😀

    Thank you, C & D! 🙂

  8. Hi Chico, i remember that you and Delle went to Palawan recently. I was wondering if you got yourselves a package tour. Did you get from web? I’m hoping you can share with me the agency/website that helped you out. Thank you so much =)

  9. buhuhu, i didn’t make it even as a runner up. But it’s ok, these are great pics. Hats off to my fellow rushers, congrats!

  10. Ang gaganda ng mga pics. Congrats melags and joanna! Nag level up na kau. Congratulations to all the runners up

  11. Cute! Sana meron ulit sa susunod! Rainy season naman!
    I like personally like the entries from Diana L. & Joanna C..
    Congrats sa lahat at kay Chico & Delle.

  12. thanks for choosing our family pic. nice gift from you and delle, its my dad mom and my siblings birth month…thank you so much…

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