13 comments on “She Just Needed A Hug

  1. If you plan to put up an animal shelter in the future, let me know how I can help. Email me.=) We have similar goals, but my hands are quite full right now.

  2. this video made me cry..I have a maltese named Prince..and I love him dearly..couldnt imagine how heartless people can be with their pets.

  3. aww.. that video abt edie made me shed a tear. i suddenly remembered my white japanese spitz bambam who passed away a few years ago.

    i’ve always admired people who have made it their life’s mission to rescue animals. a part of me wants to do this, with cats naman.. i really hope that you get to pursue this mission of yours, chico. 🙂

  4. Just like you, I’ve always wanted to work for or even put up an animal shelter but don’t have enough means to do so. I am a cat lover, I’ve experienced picking up a few from the streets out of compassion. It’s just heartbreaking to see some of them trying to find food from piles of trash or get beaten/fooled upon by “heartless” individuals. What more those sprawled on the streets accidentally (or “accidentally”) ran over without mercy. If only there’s an animal shelter near our area, I would have turned over A LOT.

    Anyway, I hope and pray that one day, this little “mission” of ours pushes through.

  5. hi chico,
    after seeing this, i just want to go home and give a hug to my super hyperactive dog. maybe it’s just what he needed since he’s always alone.
    this is one of the reasons i keep on listening to you-your love for animals..i would never forget this line you said years ago, ”i can’t imagine life without my Tyro” 🙂
    more power to you and Del.

  6. chico…pagtulong tulungan natin ang animal shelter mo…pwede natin marating yan. basta holler when u need us.

  7. Hi Chico!

    This post is great and so are your desires to help animals! ^-^ May I suggest something? Maybe you have heard about this but I’d still wanna say it just in case. ^-^ I am a volunteer at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) at Aurora Blvd., Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights Q.C. (this is also for those who may visit your site)

    Actually, I’m just a new volunteer. ^-^ I started last February 2010 (if I’m not mistaken). When I was young, I also had a dream – to be a veterinarian, keep the stray cats and dogs, take care of them, and eventually give them a home. I lost that dream when my parents want me to be a doctor of humans instead of animals… they wanted me to be a nurse at least. I realized what veterinary studies would mean to our budget and didn’t pursue it. I took exams on all colleges for nursing and back out at the last minute of enrollment. I ended up to one university where I took an exam with no intention on studying there – De La Salle University Manila. In the end, I graduated as AB-International Studies. (LoL, ang layo!) Anyway, I’m currently here on my first job at the Department of National Defense as a researcher (contractual worker but not too bad of a job). I found out about PAWS and suddenly, my deepest desires when I was a kid sprung out. So I volunteered at PAWS. You can visit the website to learn more about it:


    PAWS currently have 205 cats and 65 dogs (if I’m not mistaken). They are rescued like from Ondoy or from the streets, or just left in front of the gates of PAWS, abandoned and unloved. At PAWS, we give them love through rehabilitation and training. We also have our veterinarians to give them their needs (like vaccines). Through our efforts, we showed these animals that they can again trust us humans who once hurt them and abandoned them. Sooner or later, they can be trained and ready for adoption! ^-^

    You can apply to become a volunteer too! You will take care of animals and meet other people who cares for animals like you! You need not spend so much time there either. The minimum requirement is at least 8hours a month. ^-^ unless you wanted to be a dog trainer like me who should spend time at least 8hours a week. ^-^

    I wish you can at least visit PAWS when you have time. I wish you will also feel the same way I did when I spent a few of my time there… not only did I got new friends but also new loves ones – the dogs and the cats. You will be surprised to see them change from the newly admitted dogs to the dogs that are ready for adoption. You will feel how happy they are to see you and play with you when you visit them in their dog run. You will feel as if they didn’t have any past traumas that mostly left a mark on their body. Even more if you are one of those who loved them, trained them and see them as they left PAWS and go to their new home with their new best friends…

    You may want to start your goals with us at PAWS. ^-^ And from there, you can start envisioning your future animal shelter. ^-^ Don’t worry! Suportahan parin taka! ^-^ Basta for the good of our beloved animals?… I’M IN! ^-^

    *hugs! hugs! hugs!*

    – UntamedWolf –

  8. Posted on FB…just to share! I don’t usually get emotional but as a fellow dog-lover this really pulled at my heart. Repost ko tong video na to sa blog ko just to support…

  9. Di ko kinayang panoorin o basahin ng buo… maiiyak ako for sure, sa title palang e…
    Dog lover din ako. Too bad lang my pets are with my parents in the province and not with me where I rented. Chico, pag tinuloy mo ‘yung dog shelter plan mo, don’t forget to inform me. Gusto ko makatulong in any way I can 🙂

  10. I just wanted to say thankyou so much for posting this. I have been deeply touched by your post and the videos. I saw your post via twitter and have now passed it on through twitter and facebook and sent to my local animal shelter. Such a great example of how we can heal the world and ourselves with love and compassion. I wish you well in your endeavours to open a shelter, it’s people such as yourself that make this world a better place! Thanks again

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