10 comments on “The Top Ten Things To Do On A Road Trip

  1. #1! (ym party emoticon) lol.

    chix, hope u post d apr01 ’09 top 10 too as it was uber fun 😉

    tekkeryo, c&d! 😀


  2. chico, did you know that the calendar, archives, blogroll, etc on the side are blocking whatever you last posted? it’s annoying. whoa! even this comment?!! could be a problem with my pc, but i have tried this for four different pc’s already and it’s the same. hay…. other than that, this is the best blog ever! frederico garcia #1!

  3. My sister and I have just been to a road trip to Baguio….na uwian! hehe. (Meaning, we did not sleep in Baguio, we also went home after we shopped there.) We bought the latest album of Christian Bautista, sang along with him and by the time we arrived home at 1130 pm, memorize na namin lahat ng lyrics ng lahat ng kanta nya! hahaha!

  4. My then bf and I did #13 when we went on a road trip in South Africa! Sayang I read this late, sana we could have done some of the things in the list. We drove 4000km from Johannesburg to Cape Town in two weeks.Ahh..sweet memories.

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