23 comments on “Laiya, Batangas (March 2010)

  1. excuse me sir chico. nakababad ka na sa water niyan ha pero ang perfect ng hair. OCD, is that you??

  2. bakit ako, di ko maiblog ang noise pollution dun sa beach na pinupuntahan ko dahil sa videoke rin.. kasi feeling ko, masisira ang turismo ng naturang bayan pag tinira ko ang bad side ng naturang beach place.. anyways, pupuntahan ko pa rin sya for the 4th time sa april. – ayan na na nman ang pix from your D10 Powershot! naiingit ako hehehe

  3. akala ko pa naman you will confront the karaoke-ers yourself! papa-saklolo pala kay gov. vi! funny ka talaga!

  4. Hello! I just want to ask if you were using your Canon D10 for the underwater pics? May i ask for your cam’s settings? hehehe.. I have the same cam but i am having hard time to take a good underwater shots..


  5. hey chico what’s the name of the resort? Looks nice except for the Karaoke marauders you mentioned, Hehehe.. But you cant help but do nothing right, it’s in us filipinos.

  6. yung last shot, parang portrait na ilalagay sa stamp..hehehe pormal daw ba sa beach?

    i can imagine, kinakatok mo yung room ni governor vi para magreklamo. sabay alok ng gatas. lol!

  7. the sea creatures were cute! and you! how did you manage to maintain that hairstyle after swimming under water?? share your secret naman! haha. 😀

  8. Nice chico..ur so witty, even though ur s0 pissed off w/those karaoke’rs..the hum0r of ur bl0g never fails.. Jst wondering what if G0v. Vi was there.. Would u tell her that phrase..”LAKING BEAR BRAND Ak0..als0?. L0L..:-D

  9. chico, this is my first time to comment on your blog, since you love dogs, what can you say about if you have a neighbor who lets her dog bark as early as 5:30 in the morning and barks almost the entire day, don’t you think i have right to complain too? what do you think i should do? By the way, I’m a fan of yours, your so funny, you and Dell always make me laugh. God bless!!

  10. Ayos sa buhok balik ayos kahit nasa dagat!
    GAling kami dyan last weekend, try nyo puntahan yung anawangin cove, Camara Island at Capones Island, ganda at sarap magpicture dun..halos maubos ko yata yung memory ng cam ko. Pundaquit is the place to visit this summer, a town in San Antonio.

  11. hi chico!

    is this in laiya coco grove in san juan, batangas? because this is where we spent our summer outing last year. 🙂

  12. ive been to this resort. its in san juan batangas

    unlimited kapeng barako for breafast, lunch & diner… nakasabay ko pa isa dun sa jaboom twins while i was there

  13. I didn’t realize the waters in batangas were so clear as well. We’ll try to go there next time thanks!

  14. this makes me a really really proud batanguena… i’ve just stayed in batangas for four years… pero mahal ko na ang lugar na yun… love your photos…

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