18 comments on “The Top Ten Holy Week Quotes

  1. 11. Jorik – A vendor selling picture of The Last Supper: “Bili na kayo, Jesus & company!”

    another version goes:

    Bili na kayo Kristo, kasama barkada. Nag-iinuman.

  2. It makes me laugh yeh . but we must be serious about it . our priest once said that this week is the most important above all the weeks in a year . so let’s always consider the limitations . ! just sharin’ …

    • Most important? I thought the most important is the week Christ was born. Mga pari talaga kanya kanya ng sinasabi kaya mahirap maniwala.

  3. Haha.. We pinoys talaga,may gift sa pag-papatawa.. Just don’t forget to take sometime off of d humours this holy week ahh?
    Love u chico and del!

  4. Ah yes, #20… Nice to see that what ORIGINALLY happened to MY DAD (in our parish in BF Homes) has gone so virtual already :))

  5. naman maganda kahit klan ang pinoy k ma holy week sya o hind maasahan sa kalukuhan but it’s nice mi lighter moment pa rin kahit bigat na bigat na si jesus sa kabubuhat nang cross na pasanpasan nya……

  6. BIBLE stands for:


    The only message having sense.

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