36 comments on “My New Diet

  1. Wow you really are sooo determined! The type of food you’re eating are the exact same things I try to eat but I’m tamad to prepare and it’s hard to be the only one eating these kinds of food when people in the house gets to eat the normal stuff….

    Hmmn… You know what I realized that if I eat the food you eat I WILL LOSE WEIGHT FAST. tamad lang kasi ako… or no will?

  2. wow, kina-career mo na talaga ha!

    first time i heard of “rockwell” camote is from gretchen barretto. remember the tvc for panteen that she made with dawn, ruffa and angel aquino? she had a falling out with dawn because of her diva ways. dawn found it diva-ish that gretchen was lugging along tons of tupperware and a microwave oven. sabi ni gretchen, the tupperwares hold her camotes – her staple food then. then she mentioned that the camotes she eats are from rockwell. bumili nga ako….masarap nga! btw, taiwan camotes are in SM supermarkets na din.

  3. Hi Chico!!!

    have you tried yakun? its this rootcrop(?) that looks like kamote on the outside but similar to sinkamas but sweeter..taste good,refreshing and good also for digestion. sm supermarkets usually have it.

    good luck wit the diet =)

  4. Wow! Way to go Chico! Keep it up!

    But I think, the faster or better way to meet your goal would be to couple your ” Healthy on the Inside, Sexy on the Outside CG Diet” with regular exercise.

    Btw, I’ve also read that salted almonds are good for countering “hunger pangs”…

  5. Yayy thanks for the tips haha. We’re almost the same, I gain weight so fast but losing weight is like a misery XD

    And I agree with niceyfemme, it’s hard if you’re the only one who wants to lose weight, my tita loves cooking and I can’t stand looking at them eating the normal food tapos ako puro oatmeal! Haha. :))

  6. goodluck, chico! go, go, go! kayang-kaya yan! just don’t overdo it– learn to savor the (good) food in small doses, so you won’t feel deprived. 🙂

  7. Hi Chico! When you find the name for the 4th picture, can you tell us? I’m quite interested. Also, let me tell you that recent studies have shown that diet is a big part of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so don’t believe the people who tell you to forget about the diet and just exercise. Sure, exercise helps, but its function is more to improve your cardiovascular health and reduce risks for heart disease. In fact, exercise makes you hungry because you’re putting your body to work. For the longest time, I was huffing and puffing at the gym with only a slight change in diet. I improved my overall performance in activities like running and biking but I didn’t lose a significant amount of weight. After I started eating clean and being wary of what I was putting inside my body, I lost 10% of my body weight in 3 months! Poor nutrition is bad for the body. The key is a combination of both diet and exercise. It’s a change in lifestyle! I have never felt better, so good luck to you! By the way Chico, I don’t see green leafy vegetables on the list. Make sure you have them! 🙂 Take care!

  8. i admire you’re determination on being healthy!
    i want to start that idea in action,,today!
    keep it up and hope when i see u again, we’ll both humor each other! ^_^

  9. Chico, reading this entry makes me payat-to-the-bone already. Those are farm animal food, not fit for happy-human consumption. I can’t give up my chicken and lechon de leche with a killer sarsa hehe. But goodluck with your diet.

  10. hey Chico! Kudos for the high fiber-themed weight loss diet. But as a licensed nutritionist, I would just like to add that there’s more than just choosing the right types of food. You still have to consider meal intervals and exercise routines as well. Hmmmm…I’m thinking of volunteering as your personal nutritionist. :)))) I’m serious about that offer by the way.

  11. Chico!

    Did you lose weight? Ang sexy mo! =)

    By the way, I’m in Australia for quite a while now. 😉 So I obviously haven’t see you and am just humoring you. But then you always sound sexy on the radio. You’ll always have that! =) hehe.

    Let’s diet and make baon together as I am also trying to lose some weight. Which reminds me, have you heard of Chia grains? It has omega 3, anti-oxidants… and is being sold here in bread form. So Chia bread. I’m also saw this couscous looking stuff on tv called Quinoa, from South Africa. It rhymes! It’s a substitute for rice (daw) and is much better than brown rice. I’ve never heard of anything (rice-ish) that is better than brown rice so my interest was piqued. In case you wanna check it out. 😉



  12. i can make you a diet plan.. ^_^ i’m a 3rd yr. nutrition and dietetics major…and i’m also a vegan! so more or less i can help you out with your diet. yey!

    oh yeah.. kudos on making a healthy start with your food! ^__^ more luck to ya!

  13. Deal! U can also put flaxeed in your food and drink,it’s also high in fiber,available at healthy options..good luck!!

  14. ahahaha nagawa ko na to! last time na nagkita tayo, nung nagopen ka ng door, ang bungad ko sayo – PUMAYAT KA!!! ahehe

    i used to have similar diet and I lost 45 pounds in one year. nung tinigil ko, (kasi nagkasakit ako at nasisi ng doktor yung diet ko =P) ayun gain ulet ahehehe.

    payo ko: wag makinig sa doktor ko ahahaha

  15. Wow namotivate din tuloy akong ibalik yin strict healthy diet ko 2 years ago, halos ganto rin, puro fruits and veggies, then chicken, fish at tofu for protein… Pwera Lang yun mga mamahaling food mo chico, poor Lang kasi kame at tsaka wheat bread, I missed that ok start ako bukas ng umaga! Tsaka tons of warm water. Pero di ko natry yum kamote pero mukang effective nga talaga kasi kahit si Gretchen baretto swears by that pati yin saluyot naks!

  16. I’ve heard that camote diet from my gf. Charlene Gonzales is doing it, apparently.

    Anyway, I’d still go for cardio exercies rather than starving yourself. You can do it! Go Chico!

  17. I’ve read somewhere online about proven research of turmeric lowering bad cholesterol counts in the body.. And it also suppress angiogenic activity in the fat tissue or something like that. Though I haven’t tried it yet 🙂

  18. Hi Chico,

    Fistly good on you for taking the reigns on your health.

    Secondly, i do not mean to inundate you with too much information, but here are s few [unsolicited] healthy tips that i take to heart. It comes from Steven Ho, CoCo’s stunt coordinator on The Tonight Show.

    he also has a collection of other articles like tips on keeping fit.

    Read on and good luck.

  19. yeah, your right. 2009 ive started eating this. super kamote!! for only 40 per kilo. haha. then go to gym. again kamote!! everyday kamote. grilled chicken as in plain. no skin. juice like cranberries. RESULT–> fit and healthy. 🙂

  20. well.. losing weight is really a misery. i even left our house and stayed in an apartment just to lose weight. cant stand seeing my cousins eat everything they want tapos ako puro dahon and boring foods lang.. been eating kamote and banana pala for almost 2 weeks now and i can actually see changes. no rice for nearly 4 days na.

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