25 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You’re Cheap

  1. How could I not forget this episode?! Of course this was my birthday! At hiniritan nyo pa akong cheap on air?!? Of course not! Wala nga akong entry dito e. hahaha.

    It’s been almost a year but I still remember how much fun it was during the birthday dinner/party. At yung laughtrip during my TMI moment! Miss you all!

  2. #32 – boss bringing instant coffee.

    I know one of our Top Managers in Manila who also brings Nescafe 3in1 wherever she goes.

    Before I thought she was cheap, but then I found out that she needs 3 cups of coffee a day but she cannot stand the taste of brewed and other brands of coffee.

    I learned this when she visited our head office and while everyone was served brewed coffee from our machine, she insisted of having just hot water because she has her own coffee.

  3. some list you have here. though it’s almost a year too late, let me add my own: a top sign that you’re cheap is if you are a self-proclaimed spoiled brat who lugs around fake designer bags and PURELY tiangge outfits. Methinks– if only such person isn’t a self-proclaimed spoiled brat, it would have been ok lang 🙂

  4. #34. Indeed, this happens. Even in the Yahoo! Chatrooms, pag na-timing-an mo, hehehe.
    prepare ka na ng pangpasa-load. 🙂

  5. Chico, I don’t get Nos. 1 & 18. What’s with the two movies thing? And what’s GC?

    My fave is No. 29 though. How true. Sad but true.

  6. yes,,,#34 very true…i know someone who even dances with only her undies on to entertain the users in the chatroom and someone i know used to send her load..try camfrog haha

  7. 1. insisting on brown bagging leftover food even if halos 2 kutsara nalang ng yang chow and 1 piece of lumpia ang natira. worse, brown bagging uneaten portion of your food in fine dining/high end restaurants– you just don’t do that! worst, stuffing your bag with bread and jam from your hotel’s breakfast buffet just to save on lunch and dinner during your european vacation.
    2. you don’t text back. instead you wait till you get access to a computer and reply to your friends via their facebook account.
    3. hoarding the generic soap and shampoo from your cheap hotel and give them out as pasalubongs.
    4. after getting into a fight with your boyfriend you still insist on riding home with him coz you don’t want to spend on taxi.
    5. asking your officemate a rose from the bouquet given to her by a suitor on valentine’s day, just so you can give something to your wife when you get home.
    6. vacationing in the US and doing your shopping at the Salvation Army store.

  8. Wala na makakatalo sa kakuriputan ko
    -I don’t buy notebooks and pens, what I do is rummage through my siblings’ old stuff and find whatever I can use there. The only time I bought a pen was when I took my board exam, baka kasi malasin pag luma hehe. Less than 5 pesos pa yung binili ko.
    -When I have job interviews, I make sure i have baon of some sort like mint candies, cookies and bottled water. Even if I can afford to eat @ jollibee or Mcdo, I’d rather save the money.
    -When I buy fruits, I buy the medyo lamog na para mas mura kahit minsan malambot na masyado.
    -My mom and kuya always take home their empty bottles of C2, tapos sa house I make timpla of Nestea then ire-refill ko para may baon ako hehe mahal kasi bottled drinks and super unfriendly sa environment.
    -Suki ako sa bargain corner ng groceries, you know mga buy one take one or budget packs, tapos I always have a calculator pang-compute ng unit price. I only shop for clothes and other stuff pag 3 day sale or pag kelangan na talaga I go to SM clearance outlet in Quiapo para mas mura. Even if kuripot ako I don’t go to ukayukay kasi walang size.
    -Inaapi ako ng mga kasama ko sa dati kong work coz all my co-workers are sporting the latest phones while I’m using an old, hand-me-down alcatel.
    -Yung pinagsabunan ko ang pinagbanlawan ng damit eh ginagamit ko either pang-flush ng toilet or pang linis ng garahe.
    -I don’t buy newspapers, I read news on the net instead. Same with books, I try to find the info I need online. Dami ko na din na-download na music and porn online. ^_^
    -When I need an ID photo, I take a photo using my digicam tapos edit sa photoshop then I print as 4R size so instead of paying 60 pesos for a photo, I spend only 8 pesos for a 4R pic that has 6 pcs 2X2 or 24 pcs 1×1 pics
    -I’m seriously thinking of bringing Boy Bawang or Corn Bits family pack when I go out drinking with my friends
    -Whenever I’m out of town, I rarely buy pasalubong except for food that’s originally from that place. My souvenirs are basically photos, sand and plants.
    -We have a small garden but most plants there were either hiningi ko or binunot ko sa garden ng park/chapel.
    -Toilets in most tourist spots are pay toilets so what I do is look for a gasoline station and I pee there para free. When I went to Baguio last year, I went through all the trouble to find SM Baguio and dropped my load there, ayaw ko kasi mag-taxi pabalik ng nirerent naming room eh.

    Those are just some examples, frugality has been a way of life for me. You may find it pathetic but I feel happy doing it.

  9. An ofcmate of mine (take note, he’s American) is so frugal that when he was in high school, he would save all his lunch money because what he would do is go around the cafeteria asking people for the food they did not want to eat. So for example, they have their whole lunch pack, and they did not want the apples, he would ask for those. He did those during his high school years and he’s quite proud of it hehe

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