10 comments on “Jedward

  1. those vids sure made me laugh! thanks chico.. was wondering though, didnt everybody love Vanilla Ice back then? Or am I just one of those mindless followers of what’s uso.. LOL. and the Jedward! LOL! made me roll like heck. dont we have our own filipino versions of those kind of acts? i would think we are the forerunners even.. haha!

  2. Oh no Chico, you’ve discovered Jedward! Haha! Don’t really watch X Factor, but everybody talked (and still talks) about them that you’d have to be living under a rock here if you haven’t even heard of them. You should try searching for a video when electropop singer-songwriter Calvin Harris invaded the stage when Jedward was performing on X Factor with a pineapple on his head!

  3. oh dear, i havent heard from jedward since i came back from uk!! haha, they really are annoying… but i really really loved Danyl Johnson, his audition was epic!! simon even said it was “single-handedly the best audition i have ever seen”!!you have got to see it! and stacey solomon, too 🙂

  4. Chicho Garcia is a genius, YOU KNEW how I would react to the performance! I ROLFD and laughed till I ran out of breath! hahaha!
    And the worst part is, people were booing at Simon when he was the only one frank enough to tell it to these guys straight up.

  5. Those boys have what the X Factor is all about, the X Factor!!! They are extremely entertaining whether you think they can sing or not. Having said that, they have a nice tone to their voices. There’s nothing wrong with their singing that auto-tune can’t fix, along with good back up singers for live performances. As for their dancing, well let’s just say they have their own very entertaining style. Kids love them and are immitating them all over the world, not just in the UK! John and Edward are genuine and uniquely different, and that’s what people like about them.

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