8 comments on “The Top Ten Signs It’s Time To Dump Your Partner

  1. Could I post here my TMR topic suggestions, before I 4get them? Thanks Chico!

    – titles for books written by emo’s;
    – signs that you’ll lose in the coming elections;
    – answers to the question, “what were you thinking?”
    – quotes on honesty and lying;
    – signs that you are “too much” of something;
    – titles for books written by yaya’s (should they ever plan to write one);
    – signs that you are “unsociable”
    – creative things to do during brown-outs;
    – signs that you’ll have A LOT OF KIDS in the future;

    hehe, that’s it for now. Thanks =)

  2. Hello Chico! I listen to RX everyday, and I think you guys are great!!🙂 I was just wondering when you’ll post ‘the top 10 signs that you’ve become an annoying couple” haha! Or if you’re not posting it, could I at least please please have a copy? I want to share it with a friend.🙂 Thanks!😀

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