38 comments on “My 10 Favorite iPod Touch Apps

  1. hayee chix!

    if my memory serves me right, bookworm’s pretty cool but text twist’s much challenging… just like slalom racing… race against time… u can’t pause d game;)

    since u’r recently talking ’bout saving _ggs + games, it reminded me of a rather unique flash game(saving an egg w/c u have to transfer vertically using oscillating holders), maybe some genius made an app for it:D

    tekkeryo, c&d!


  2. Chico. Great Choices on the games. Do you have non-game apps that you like? For me – the Facebook App of the iPod/iPhone is the best. It delivers all the content as close as it can be when you browse online. The Tweetdeck app is also very good. 3D Gallery – allows you to post your pictures in a virtual gallery. Some games that you might want to try: Tap Tap Revenge. It’s like Dance Dance Revolution – but you use your thumbs. Towerbloxx. Cooking Star and Cooking Mama.

  3. Hi Chico! You might want to try Card Drop and SOW, too 🙂 both games are from kuyimobile.com and are developed by a Filipino 🙂

  4. Plants Vs. Zombies
    Doodle Jump
    Knight’s Quest
    Secret of Bryce Manor

    di aabot ng 10 hehe

  5. rock band is addicting. plus tap tap revenge. i might try the ones you’ve written about. thanks chico.

  6. Hi Chico! I highly recommend Pocket God! You will act as God and determine the fate of the 6 pygmies! It’s so funny! You can either be a good God who will feed them and keep them alive or a bad God who will torture them in different ways! Try it! It’s addicting! =)

  7. Chico, there’s one game that’s super girly yet probably the most addictive game I’ve ever played on my iPhone.

    Sally’s Spa.

    Try it. I’m a super PvZ fan myself, but this girly-girly game will keep you up all night.


  8. hi, chico. i also like bejeweled 2 (but now, i usually play it in FB); text twist and luxor.

    when waiting for people, i enjoy playing mahjong (where you pair the tiles), sneezies, scramble 2 (word game); who has the biggest brain (when waiting at airport cafes) and traffic jam, among others.

  9. I’m an app slut myself!! try Flick Fishing, Pocket God, Tap tap revenge (i love the lady gaga version!), paper toss, yard sale.. oh my, i can go on for days. i have like 100+ apps in my iphone! 😀

  10. For reading ebooks, try GoodReader. It’s a paid app but worth it.
    Also, try to get ifight. It’s a nonsense app but fun 🙂
    Dictionary.com also has an app that is quite useful.
    Try some of these also:
    Wordwarp (like TextTwist)
    jreversi Free
    Subway lite

  11. I only get free apps because I do not have a credit card. hehehe

    I am currently playing Zombie Farm. It is a mix of PvZ and Farmville.

  12. oooohhhh…..your plants vs zombies post got me addicted to it…but before that..im into bejeweled and bookworm….lurve it….

  13. Here are some of my apps:

    Info stuff:
    – FilipinoNews

    – Wheel of Fortune!
    – Monopoly!
    – Scramble, Scramble 2

    Fun photo-related apps:
    – SmileMaker (it’s free, you get to add funny smiles to your existing pics)
    – Squeeze It
    – iSwap Faces (you can swap 2 faces in a picture – this is crazy, too)

  14. hi chico. i dont have an itouch yet but i am seriously contemplating on buying one as i am just able to play with my friends’ itouch during office hours. hehe. aside from some of those mentioned in this entry, so far, i am addicted to brain tuner (math game) and bubble wrap (another no brainer and i dont even understand how the score works but i love how my fingers struggle just to be able to beat the high score). another friend has an app similar to mystery case files but i am not sure about the name. ilust is another new discovery. you have to make boso to the girl sitting beside you by tilting your itouch and without her knowledge otherwise, her boyfriend standing next to you will punch you. lame, right? hehehe.

  15. apps that i enjoy?

    1001 sexlife (pervert?)
    sexy jokes
    crazy facts

  16. thanks for the added info!

    there’s one that my brother’s friend showed me. it’s called touch scan.

    it’s like an icebreaker app, perfect if you like someone or just want to get the ball rolling. you hold out your itouch/iphone and put your thumb (or any other finger, doesn’t really matter) and then you ask another person to put his/her thumb as well on the touch. then your fingerprints are “scanned”. it then tells you something like “perfect match! you make a great couple blah blah”. that’s always the result but if the other person doesn’t know about that app and how fake it is, maaliw siya 😀 haha based from experience e.

  17. Great list hehe matry nga yang mga yan

    Try mo ung TAP STUDIO. parang syang taptap revenge. the only difference is my mode sya na pwede kang gumawa ng sarili mong tap tap sequence sa kahit anong song. at pwede mo sya i upload para matry ng ibang tao. pwede ka din mag download ng gawa ng iba just as long as meron kang song na un.

    try it!

  18. Plants vs. Zombies is a crazy crazy game.. I am awake until 2am playing it..
    have you purchased all Crazy Dave’s plants? they are fascinating… hehehe

  19. i love luxor too!

    but i love the new pacman version my hubby downloaded for the psp, it has new twists which made the game fun and different from the old version. try it! 🙂

  20. I’m an App Slut too! I just got my iTouch two Fridays ago and now i have 7pages full of apps!

    I finished the PvZ already, I just have 4 remaining Achievements to… achieve? Hehe.

    Here’s my take on favorite apps:

    101 Classic Novels
    Sunday Lawn
    Traffic Rush
    Chain Rxn
    Tap Tap Revenge (Lady Gaga, Coldplay)
    Weird Words
    Moron Test
    Ikea (the Catalog)
    Catch the Egg

    And for playing with Friends:
    Word Party
    Game of Life

    And Chico, remember that tone thing you posted a while back, check out this app:

    I’m also addicted to organization apps, like expenses tracker, gas and mileage tracker, period tracker (ahihihi), stuff like that. 😀

  21. Hi Chico, try downloading Valet Hero, it’s a nice game. 🙂 Plus, it’s free so ok lang. 😀

  22. tap tap revenge – i like the 3rd one..although i think, mas magaganda yung songs sa 2nd..

    the creeps – kinda like plants vs zombies..the goal is to not let the creeps go under your bed..you have blasters, boomerangs, flashlights, glue… to defeat them…

    diner dash

    echofon, twitterlator and twitbird – yes, i am a twitter addict!!

    moxie (word game)

    pocket god

    plants vs zombies

    bejewelled 2

  23. try katamari… it’s addicting lol.

    i’ve played it in iphone – it’s basically a character with a really sticky ball and you roll stuff up. the bigger you get by rolling stuff, the bigger stuff you can roll with. eventually you can roll mountains… clouds…

    i had it on psp… but there’s one on iphone with different controls but fun! =)

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