30 comments on “Battle Of The Bulge

  1. Good for you chico… beware of fatty and salty foods.. naranasan ko na yang cholesterol na yan at naging nahilan bakit ako nawalan ng gallbladder due to gallstones…

  2. Perhaps someday, we can have something like a badminton-themed Rushers’ EB. We can just play badminton while we get to meet other crazy Rushers. That’ll be fun! =)

    I miss playing badminton myself — we stopped when we moved and the nearest court isn’t really as near. Anyhoo, I hope you continue to enjoy the game so you can get back on track to better health. When you’re feeling lazy to play and eating chips and drinking soda while watching TV seems a like a better idea, just imagine me cheering you on… =)

  3. I can so relate, Chico. My cholesterol level zoomed up December of last year and I got worried of course. I am a lazy bug, too, pero pinilit ko din mag exercise (not regularly, though, haha!) upon learning about my condition. Luckily, bumaba na sya at next week, I’ll start playing badminton na din! Me and a friend already bought a new pair of racket and we’re so excited to play!

    Agree ako sa suggestion ni Abernathy na badminton-themed Rushers’ EB! Let’s all play together para mas masaya! =)

  4. @abernathy and paulignatius: matagal na ngang plano yang badminton EB/post-EB badminton na yan pero di natutuloy or onti lang yung pumupunta para makapaglaro. the last sports-EB we did was bowling… wait there was Ondoy nga pala, ibang level na workout nun.

    • Hi Joe! musta SG? hehe.. siguro pag maglalaro si Chico, madami nang pupunta. Lahat ng Rushers kalabanin nya, ewan na lang kung di bumaba cholesterol nya hehe.. Peace, Chix! Sana may maorganize ulit na ganun this time..

  5. hooray! hooray! you can do it, chico! if you need additional cheerleaders during your games, just holler and i’ll be there! LOL

  6. ano?!!! ang init-init, magba-badminton ka?! yuck….ang lagkit ng feeling after…you’ll be so sweaty and disgusting. pag summer, dapat ang ginagawa is kumain ng halo-halo!

    nah….seriously, good for you! badminton is a good cardio workout! do that regularly, plus the diet you now have, for sure hindi na lang kayo magkamukha ni derek ramsey, magiging magkasing-katawan pa kayo!

  7. “I don’t want naman my betlogs to make lawlaw” <<<< This really cracked me up!!!! 😀
    Well other than that all I wanna say is:

    Hooray!!!! Hooray!!! Hooooraaay!!! (with matching pom-poms pa! hehe)

  8. also, if there’s a nearby pool in your area maybe you can try swimming a few laps. good whole body workout. enwi,good luck on your plans!

  9. HOORAYYY!! 🙂 I signed up for Unilab’s Run for Wellness this Sunday & it’s sort of the start of my battle against flabs. Hoorayyy for your badminton plans! 🙂 Go go go!

  10. If I may suggest Sir Chico, why not try running? I’m bias, I know, as I’m into it. 🙂 But it has a lot of health benefits. Plus, the community has grown now that you’d gain more friends…and fans. 🙂 Good luck and good health!

  11. hay, i wish i knew how to play badminton. i too tested positive on sugar, cholesterol le vels? i dont even want to know. hooray to a sexier chico! naks!

  12. hi chico,
    sali ka sa mga queuing
    meron sa battledore every monday… 7pm to 10pm
    or tuesdays & thursdays battledore din.. 8pm to 12mn
    go go
    this is in scout ojeda 🙂

  13. Yikes, same situation, different problem. With mine, its insulin. Ang taas ng insulin ko to the point that the doc said I either had to change my lifestyle or baka magtuloy tuloy to diabetes. So diet and exercise. Good luck sa atin Chico! 🙂

  14. I have the same exact problem some 8 years back… Now my cholesterol level is back to where it should be. Thanks to my daily trip to the gym and more recently – running…

    Good luck Chico!!!

  15. I have the same exact problem some 8 years back… Now my cholesterol level is back to where it should be. Thanks to my daily trip to the gym and more recently – running…

    Good luck Chico!!

  16. exercise is a good way to bring your cholesterol and triglyceride levels down. you can also hasten bringing down these levels through proper nutrition, eating the right kinds of food etc. i suggest you try MILA. it’s whole, raw, organic food that has the highest content of omega 3s, 8x higher than than of salmon. it’s also gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free and high in fiber and protein. you can check out my website. your cholesterol level will drop dramatically after two weeks of taking this. guaranteed. 🙂 good luck!

  17. I used to play badminton regularly sometime last year (before Christmas). It was fun till my playmates were all gone.

    This one is for you:


  18. hey chico! good for you! the first step is always the hardest.. but once u start and enjoy the activity you’ll be more motivated to continue especially when the lard start coming off and u can see the chiseled muscles underneath. lol! have fun smashing :))

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