21 comments on “We Are The World (YouTube Version)

  1. Actually it’s available in itune. If you dowload it from itune the proceeds will go to the victims in Haiti. Great song.

    • actually i think there are 6 pinoys (well, fil-am): jr, aj, melissa polinar (the second soloist), jessica sanchez (she was previously on america’s got talent), anna moya (she has no solo), and chris cendana (the one wearing a tie)

  2. hats-off to this youtube artists. there are at least 4 fil-ams on the video. great collab. for me its one of the best covers of this song yet. when i saw this vid a couple of days back i cant help but feel sorry for the “professional’s” auto-tuned cover.

  3. got goosebumps on this, i really feel like crying when i hear this song and to see so many great artists collaborate for such a big cause…hay Ü

    thanks for the post chico!

  4. Amazing! and wow! ang daming pinoy. 😀 Ang familiar lang ako kay JR Aquino.
    I’m glad kasama din sina David Choi and Airto 😀

  5. Oh my goodness. That was 100,000 times much better than the recent remake. With absolutely no rapping at the end too!

  6. hey chico! =)
    i’ve been a silent rusher (2006) and reader of your blog (2009) and i have to say that I LOVE YOUR WIT! =D I like this version better than the all-star cast version… it’s more heartwarming, i think i’ll post it on my blog too…
    i hope you get time to visit my blog, “littlemisschatterbox89.wordpress.com”, its new but i hope you’ll like it… oh and i’ll be taking basic photography lessons soon, which DSLR should I buy? hope you can answer my question…

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