67 comments on “Ode To Durian

    • ur a genius!…i laugh so hard & loud dat my m0m knock at my door… hahahah! tnx 4 sharing dis… more power!!!

  1. Isa ito sa mga reasons kung bakit hindi ako nahihiyang ibida sa mga kaibigan ko na nakikinig ako sa inyo ni Del every morning. 🙂

  2. you’re the best chico! great rhyming looking forward for your other unpublished poems and other literary works.

    galing! you never stopped making us laugh and smile.

    more power to you and delamar.

  3. Thanks Chico for putting a smile on my face today! Mukha nga lang akong tanga na nakangiti habang kaharap pc ko.. LOL!

  4. hahahahahahaha!!! 🙂 cant help but think of something else (if you know what i mean)
    you know…eating durian! hahaha! you and your dirty mind! pikit sabay kagat labi..amp! 😀

  5. you’re never afraid to be funny!!! hahaha!

    i’m sorry i missed those episodes on air. question: where did you buy the durian? i’m a durianee, too! was it local (which i doubt coz the color is darker than the usual varieties from the south) or you got in bangkok? please let me know!! thanks. 😀

  6. Pag bumuka na ang puwet, you’ll say: “hinog na, shet!” FTW!
    I tried this to sing this to the tune of “Ako ay ma lobo” and, guess what, it worked! 🙂

  7. Panalo! I was holding back laughter kasi nasa office ako. Pero baka nga kasi lumabas pa kung saan kaya sige na nga! LOL! And panalo din and idea ni homer singson ^^, sabay sabay nating awitin… haha

  8. chico! hehehehe im from davao! home of the best durians—- if i must say in the whole wide world! truly chico, you did justice to our beloved durian..all the words were apt description for this fruit which some people loathe..smell pa lng! they are surely missing more than half of their life! hehehe. the way you describe the pleasures of eating durian can only come from a person who has truly understand what its like to fall in love with durian!

  9. i heard this sa podcast…classic ka talaga, grabe! thanks for sharing the full version. ipa-copyright mo at baka ma-plagiarize ka naman!

    you know, sa sobrang build-up nyo ni delle about durian, i bought one but i guess i belong to the “hate it” part of the population. ok lang yung smell eh…what i don’t like is the texture.

  10. ahahahaha. oh my gulay!

    Kuya chico, you’ve done it again! upstage delamar on the (funny) department! hahahaha. I will share this link on my blogsite ha? Just to share the fun! Hahahaha

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    • …..I was in the south luzon expressway when I heard this…..and I laughed so hard I can’t see the cars in front…hahaha!

      Galing mo talaga Chico!

  12. PANALO!!!! DJ na, Blogger at Poet pa!Naglevel up ka na naman!

    I love durian when it’s frozen like ice cream ^__^

  13. Galing ha! I agree with MJ. People who loathe durian miss half of their life. That’s why when we saw one in HCM, Vietnam, we never even had a second thought if we’ll buy one or not. And “Ang Manunusok” is right, its even creamier when its frozen like ice cream. Btw, have you tried drinking ice cold coke while having durian? Panalo! Pambawas ng init ng katawan! hehehehe

  14. lmfao! just one of the very many reasons why im so proud to be a rusher! sarap mo cgurong maging barkada. well, kasama ko naman kayo ni del every morning so wala na kayong choice, barkada ko n kayo;-)

  15. Ang tula ni chico,
    Walang tatalo dito,
    Walang tigil paghalakhak,
    Hanggang mata ko ay maiyak.

    Maikwento nga,
    Sa mga kunwaring makata,
    Pag nabasa ang tula,
    Tiyak sila’y giba.


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  17. sana ay akin ding matikman
    ang mabahong durian
    at nang aking panlasay maranasan
    ang orgasmic na pakiramdam.

    panalo! love it! haha!!!


  18. Hi Chico!!!

    I’ve always been a silent fan… and because of this Ode, di ko na napigilan ang mag-comment.. is it ok to share this link on my blogsite as well as facebook??? I’m pretty sure, lahat ng tao sa office namin mamamaluktot sa kakatawa!!!

  19. wahahahahaha…as in super tawa ako. rhyme na rhyme din kasi… lalo na yong part na
    “Pag bumuka na ang puwet,

    you’ll say: “hinog na, shet!”

    Puwede nang biyakin,

    at ito’y manyakin.” hahahaha super lafftrip ako dito.

  20. asteeeg! hahaha ROFL

    ang durian na walang kamalaymalay, nahalay! Ü

    thank you, thank you for making us laugh Ü more ppower to you and del!

  21. read your poem just now; you’re such a genius talaga pagdating sa kalokohan! you’re the best ehehehe… Luv it!

  22. panalo ka talaga chico! isa kang henyo.. ikaw lang ang kilala kong makakaisip nito..

    “Pag bumuka na ang puwet,

    you’ll say: “hinog na, shet!”

    Puwede nang biyakin,

    at ito’y manyakin.”


  23. OMG chico i just had to leave a comment. I laughed so hard because i can imagine you reading it! With emotions pa yan hahaha! Shet i really enjoy everything you write in your blog, especially this entry! Keep it up!

  24. hello! grabe kakabawas calorie top ten mo the one you dont want to hear from your parents, cant help it,( guffaw) as in super, you make my night, dp nababasa kapatid ko pero natatawa siya sa tawa ko pramis, kudos and i also listen to rx.

  25. super funny, ilove durian the second time ive tasted it, sana sila din ma appreciate ang sarap ng prutas na ito, walang kiyeme tikman niyo kase……

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