26 comments on “Plants Vs. Zombies On iPod Touch!

  1. Hi Chico. I can totally understand how you feel. This game was made by popcap – who has created some of the best games for iPod/iPhone/PC. My favorite though is Bejewelled. When I purchased the game – I couldn’t take myself away from my iPod.

    I am now really curious about Plants vs. Zombies … it seems like I will be buying it from the App Store later.

  2. I’ve seen it just yesterday from my friends’ iPhone. His kids are screaming with excitement with it. Nakakaadik! I’m just merely watching my friend playing it… nakikisawsaw na ako, kasi I’m “coaching” him. And with that… it’s making me, no! CONVINCING me to get an iPhone :p

  3. you are such a child chico! and very good at it! i’m happy that you are in love! hihihi! can you please post your “ode to durian”?? asa jeep ako when you delivered it and i can’t help laughing!”ma-krema na parang plema”?? hahahaha! take care!

  4. Panu ba mag bill mga credit card companies when purchasing in US$ sa itune store? Worry ko lang baka mag charged cla more than the price indicated sa itune store hahaha… help hehehe para mapurchase ko nadin itong ipod version ng PvsZ…

  5. A special friend introduced and got me playing this game and when he left, I removed this from my laptop.

    I read your post and brought sad memories (sniff)

  6. i recently ordered an iPod Touch online (just for the free laser engraving). PvZ will definitely be the first App i will download! My cousin gave me a $50 iTunes giftcard.

    Btw, i miss you guys. I’m in Seattle.

  7. my ofcmate just loaded pvz on my desktop, i was playing yesterday, addict na rin ako, just bought itouch 3wks ago, tnx 4 d info. will buy tht later.

  8. I guess I’m one of the few who don’t know this game. But thanks Chico for introducing it, it looks like a fun game from the way you raved about it 🙂 I just might check it out on my Ipod touch.

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