32 comments on “2 Million Hits!

  1. “hits whore”? that sounds nice and kinky. hehe.

    i am only of those people who “ogle at your barely-clad body”, i guess. when i am online, i see to it that i check your blog out not just for new posts but also to re-read my favorite posts. it’s not surprising that this blog is getting a lot of followers each day.

    so i guess this is me extending my congratulation to you.

    more power to your blog.

  2. seriously? you overlooked? no prob chico, i guess i do “ogle” your blog a lot. maybe im the more “hits whore” than you are. ive been counting it down i think since january, i even predicted you’d be 2m already before january ends. and now im convinced you read the comments. thanks a lot too! this is really an exciting week for me. i made it to the top10 twice this week, first time EVER! then im bound to see my name on your blog maybe next yr when you post the top10s?hehehe now i wont wait that much longer. i posted this link on my fb already,hoping my friends got good taste….hahaha..congratulations and more power to you and to C&D!

  3. congrats chico.my wife milen go gaga on the mere mention of her name on your blog.lol im really happy for her.we’ve been a fan of you and del for several years now.the time you guested in the game show “weakest link” is still very much vivid to me.hehehe

  4. you deserve it chico.
    i love reading other people’s blog, because it give me insights on how their mind work. like you for example, how perverted (oh sorry) or sometimes the lost-puppy way you write. i love it, it’s not far from what we hear from you, everyday, every morning. may i take this opportunity to thank you and delle for brightening our mornings, our days..

    i said to myself someday im gonna start my own blog. a blog where i can just let it all out and document whatever i’m thinking and feeling and experiencing at the special moments of my life. i don’t need hits, i don’t need readers.
    but seeing how you inform people, how you cheer us up with what you post, i’m thinking maybe i should start a blog worth reading by people, a blog where people will be glad or sad or just simply smiling after visiting it. like yours. 🙂

    anyway, more power to you chico. pls take care, with your health and everything. you can’t imagine how loss we feel every time either you or delle is sick.

    congrats on your 2M hits.
    we should celebrate once you reach 3M! 😀

  5. Congrats chico!every nyt i see to it to check your blog, it’s very refreshing aftr a hard day’s work thanks again and just keep on blogging ‘coz your entries are also like therapy for us!;D

  6. Congratulations! 🙂 I have your blog in my RSS feeds, and its definitely one of my favorites.
    More wonderful things to you, Chico!

  7. Congrats, Chico! It’s great you’re going to respond to our comments. BTW, I check your blog everyday and always hoping that you have a new entry. Your blog is included in my Favorites site. 🙂 Always a pleasure reading your entries. Keep up the good work, Chico! 🙂

  8. whoa~ Congrats Chico! *huggles* *throws confetti* 😀

    ok, thank you din dahil nagkaroon ka ng blog. Kahit wala kami sa Pinas, atleast nababasa pa rin namin ang TOP 10. I also like reading your posts about your pets, hobbies at ka-dramahan mo. And I love it. I really do. 😀

    Minsan tinatanong ko yung ka-work kong Pinay dito, “nabasa mo na ba yung blog ni Chico today? Basahin mo nakakatawa dali!” Tapos babasahin nya at sabay kaming tatawa 😀 Kahit dito man lang mabawasan ang stress sa work at homesick.

    Minsan din binabalikan ko yung ibang mga posts mo lalo na yung Daily Top 10. Thank you Chico! Baka after 5 months, 3M hits ka na…pressure ito 😀

  9. WOW!! This is amazing chico!! naks naman 2M na!! ako nga kakacompute ko lang kanina ng hits ko kung ilan pa bago mag 200,000… 50K na lang I’ll reach it na.

    another feat in your blog life! Congrats!! hay kung pwede lang iconvert yung hits sa pera, mayaman ka na!! 🙂

  10. hey chico! congratulations! i’ve been a “silent rusher” and an everyday visitor on your blog and this is my first time to let my self be heard 🙂 im sooo looking forward to have your blog reach a billion hits! 🙂

  11. i am with you in giving value to readers’ comments. i also exert efforts in checking my readers’ sites whenever i have time. blogging has been my virtual soul, and my site is my house on-line… congratulations for having 2M hits. bravo! more power.

  12. yey! galing naman… galing pala naming mga nag vivist sa site mo. hehe.. go guys!

    seriously, mas marami pa yatang hits ang blog mo kesa sa ibang celebs…yihee.. nice chico… ^_^

  13. wow, congrats chico, I’ve a fan of TMR, also of you blog [as well as delle’s–but what happened to her brain farts? ] well, keep up the good work and continue to use the mass media in spreading goodwill, inspiring quotes, your environmental sentiments and good laugh via Top ten ..Again MORE POWER to Strange fruit, Chico and Delle and TMR :D. Godspeed 😀

  14. congrats sir chico! thankful ako kc even though i don’t get the chance to listen to MR anymore, updated parin ako sa top ten thru your site. 🙂

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