12 comments on “Bangkok, Thailand (The Pictures)

  1. yung first picture dun sa pictures when you were on the boat, si jinkee pacquiao ba yun? hehehe. joke. kamukha kasi.

  2. Nice pics Chico! Sukothai is also nice. Hope you could visit it the next time you go to Thailand. Changmai has so many foreigners, caucasian ones of course. And yes! you can have the elephant ride in Changmai.Told my friend when we went there that we won’t go back to the Philippines without us having pictures with the elephant.

  3. hi chico, we met at Sentosa in Singapore, and the following day at Changi airport also, anyway, I love the pics you posted here. I also want ask you if you guys went to Chatuchak? It’s a big weekend market in Bangkok, and I had so much fun taking pictures of the colorful and various wares they sell at the countless stalls there. I’m not a photography addict but there were just so many nice things to photograph there, antiques, buddhas, colorful plastic flowers, clay pots, there were just so many!

    If I do find the time, I’ll post the pictures I took on my blog and I’ll send you a link, hihihi.

  4. hi chico,

    this entry suddenly woke me from deep slumber to finally post something in my blogs after a loonnng time. Gawd, I missed Bangkok. I never thought I’d missed it as much as I do know, after seeing your pics .. i guess you had the Wat Arum pic when you took the Chao Phraya Cruise?

    I’m not a good photog as you, but still, I want to share these photos that we had when we were there in 2007 .. enjoy!

  5. Wow nice shots Chico… I suppose you also did some DRAGAN effect on some of them… really nice shots…

    Hope I can go there too…. if my schedule permits =) and I hope there would be more photos in the next post!

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