78 comments on “My PBB Experience!

  1. Yeah! Last night at PBB! That explains why you looked nervous nga… nervous ka ngang talaga Chico! BTW who is prettier in person, Dimples or Maui? La lang *wink!*

  2. ur welcome:) i was one of the PBB peeps who spoke with you last night. i’ve been a rusher since the early 1990s and i happen to listen to you rave about OUR show every time i listen to YOUR show. so, when they asked if we know any celeb who was into pbb, i volunteered you. 🙂

    • Pinoy Big Rusher, sana when you do the PBB Celeb Ed, do not forget Chico and Delamar in your propsoed list. On-air, they are the super-duo in radio, so if ever they will be casted as one of the PBB Celeb, they may be the next Melason — maybe a “Delachic”, just like Melason? How about that?

  3. Dear Chico,

    I am an avid fan of PBB Double Up AND the Morning Rush! I am so happy for you and cannot wait for this episode to be uploaded on youtube. Will you ever consider doing Celebrity Edition just like Rico Robles did? Take care. Sending hugs from the great state of Alaska.

  4. i am dying of envy right now! 😀

    please PLEASE post the other picture taken inside the confession room 🙂

  5. “we even had a TV show of our own back in the day” — I remember that! The one in IBC 13, right? 😉
    OOohhhhh I’m jealous! I’m definitely watching you tonight! Honestly, I also want Johan to be evicted, I just don’t like his personality. No offense to all Johan fans but that just my opinion. Besides I’ve already been partial to the Melason tandem, to Paul Jake and to Tibo. I just hope that my bet for the big winner will win cause as far as I know, all the past housemates in the previous seasons that I routed for won. 😉

  6. Hi Chico! Ang nice naman ng experience mo. Can’t wait for the PT. By the way, which room ‘yung nakita nyo yung housemates with Korina? :>

  7. I had fun reading this entry. I can almost imagine you saying them. Cloose!? :p Tingin ko I’d feel the same when I finally meet u. Yet to happen!

  8. naks nasa loob na sya ng bahay,..sana kinulong ka nila bilang isa sa mga housemate at sa loob ng confession room mo ginagawa ang TMR… haha

  9. I was waiting for this “report” I enjoyed reading this. I’m glad you were able to take a pic.
    I totally agree with you about the big 4. I can imagine you smiling while driving back home.

  10. I enjoyed reading your blog and felt like I am in the PBB house. Will catch the show later… congratulations Chico…

  11. hahaha..i was soo confused when i saw you on TV..it’s like, “is that chico?!” (my mom, asked me, “close kayo?!”..hahaha) More so, is that delamar in tube and wearing mini skirt?! it’s maui taylor pala.

    i’m so happy for you!

  12. “aaaahhhhh!!!” – yun lang masasabi ko sa experience mo. hehe. Thank you for describing every minute of it. Seems like I could actually picture your every move and hear your voice, even kuya’s. Galing mo talagang storyteller! hehe.

    Now back to a surreal experience…..that’s what I also felt when I was chosen to join your morning show back then (when you were offering free breakfast in a cafe ). I breezed through the whole interview portion feeling like I was in Cloud 9! Ganun naman ata ang feeling when you become part of something that you just admire from afar. Naks! hehe.

    • Btw, I joined the episode in Dome Cafe, Shangrila Mall….forgot though the year. Mga 2001 or 2002 siguro….hehe

  13. hi chico. it’s nice to know that you liked PBB just like us. sana you could join the celebrity edition para masaya. 🙂 anyway, i am really glad that in one way or another, you became part of Pinoy Big Brother. I really missed listening to you and Delle. BTW, loved your pic with the rest of the panel :))

  14. chico!!! I actually shouted out loud when I saw you at PBB!! can’t wait to watch you tonight ^_^” Haha, kaya ka pala mukhang kakatayin nung ini-introduce kayo… =p

  15. ooooh… chico, what if ipasok ka ni kuya for PBB celebrity edition??! I know you’re a fan of this season only, pero since you met kuya… hehehe…

  16. Yup, their right, you looked so nervous I was wondering if you were going to faint, hahaha…

    Try mo join the celeb edition, you and Delle, that would be great to see you two in T.V. not just guesting but stars of the show, I can just imagine seeing the two on T.V. and not just hearing your voices on the radio…haaay…uber fun!!! 🙂

  17. I wont definitely miss it this time Chico!!! Last night, I had this short, weak tantrums coz I thought mom did not try to wake me up! i was able to see it on youtube though… isa lang masasabi ko : KAINGGIT TO DEATH!


    pero im super happy for you ^__^

  18. Agree. (Part 1) This is the best PBB season to date.

    Agree. (Part 2) Consider joining the next PBB Celebrity edition. You have so many votes already!

    I enjoyed the blog almost as much as you enjoyed your PBB guesting 🙂 You we’re so into the experience, I really felt it. Can’t wait for the primetime episode later:D

    P.S. The confession room pic is so zsashaaal! hehe…

  19. Hi Chico,

    You really looked nervous last night. I told my mom that you are “The Chico” I listen to every morning….sabi nya, “alin? ung dalawa sa radyo na tawa ng tawa palagi?” hehe


  20. Like you chico this is the only season I did watch. I harbor a resentment to PBB before becaus of the irrelevant tasks, but this time i enjoyed most episodes. and the people you dont like get evicted every week (this didnt happen with Johan). the only time i felt bad was when Rica was evicted. imma watch tonight. ditching work or perhaps halfday.

  21. Yah! you really looked nervous in PBB. You’re the only one who’s not relaxed. The non-verbal language says it all.

  22. chico napanood ko na! mukha kang well-behaved kiddo! siguro ganon talaga nakakapanindig balahibo ang boses ni “Kuya”

    Yey!Paul Jake! I want him to win! =D

  23. gusto ko rin sana yung idea na sumali ka sa PBB Celebrity Edition,much better kung kayo ni Delle. Kaso naisip ko din,wag na lang. Kasi mawawala yung TMR. Hindi pwede yun. Bad yung ganun. Haha. Btw, I enjoyed this entry as much as the others did. Para na rin kaming naka pasok sa bahay ni kuya. Tnx chico! 😛

  24. Chico… sali ka sa celebrity edition… mas mukhang may ibubuga ka kumpara kay Rico Robles nung PBB Celebrity ed.season 1..peace Rico!!!

    Tapos pag na-evict ka si Del ang susundo sayo… Haha!

  25. chico mukhang di ka uber nervous ka noong nasa confession room ka. kainggit naman talaga nakapasok ka sa bahay ni kuya.

  26. HAHAHA. I don’t think you can go more nervous than that. Pero still, good job!! Sashaaaaal ka na! AaaaaaaH!

  27. Hi…just watched PBB PT with chico as one of the debate panelist and had to disagree with all of the 5. I never even watched a single PBB season before until i accidentally saw a video clip in youtube while browsing something and was hooked eversince….sleep deprived for 2 months already. It was Melissa who interests me..she’s such a funny person to watch…and the relationship with Jason for what i see and feel is TRUE!!!! Yes i admit im a dork or jologs but i dont care…!!! They’re not being flashy ( as what Chico had said …) its just the way they are…and i love them for that….!!!

  28. Hi Chino!!!!

    I was so happy to see you there, and very strange that you spoke tagalog tapos sounds kinakabahan pa!! Hahaha. I agree, you should join the next Celebrity Edition! for sure, susubaybayan ko nanaman yan. Kinilig ako na parang ewan.

    I do not like Johan also, i wonder why he has so many supporters. Lagi siya nanonominate pero di matanggal tanggal. I also like Mariel sayang she’s been evicted na.

  29. Nice to see you in PBB. Been a rusher for a long time. It’s been said that PBB is a competition, and I agree that PJ is the best competitor. But PBB is also a TV program and is about entertainment as well. By a mile, Melai and Jason are the most entertaining housemates this season. Just like you, there are many first time PBB viewers because of Melason.

  30. Nakakatuwa ka panoorin sa PBB, halatang super excited at kinakabahan pero nagpipigil. hahaha! I don’t watch PBB pero dahil nandun ka pinanood ko na! 😀
    Medyo bitin nga lang ang TV exposure ng opinions nyo dun…but nonetheless, we’re very happy for you! 😀

    As you’ve requested, here are the video recordings of your PBB appearance, uploaded in YouTube:

    • Thanks Purplerose. I’m glad u posted it here. My friend and I talked about how Chico looked like when Kuya was talking to the panelists. But I wasn’t so sure. So it’s good that I was able to watch that part again. 😀

      Chico, you looked like you’re gonna cry…awwww~

  31. i love the idea of you joining the celebrity edition! please do! endemol, you will not regret it! =)

  32. Nice one Chico! I was really happy to see you on PBB! I immediately texted my friends about your guesting! pero di nga ninerbyos ka! haha

  33. i was surprised to see you inside the confession room last sunday! i was on duty that time and just “glanced” to watch a bit of pbb and i saw you were one of the guests and inside the confession room pa!

    thanks for sharing the experience! i hope you get to be part of the next celebrity edition 😉

  34. hey chico!! I was lucky I watched you… I was startled when I saw you on Sunday night and introduced by Toni G. Nung makita kita, wheow, yun ang dj/blogger ah!!! Naks, you’re so galing, congrats for another unforgettable TV appearance… And kagabi, January 09th napanood ko din kayo, your bets….. so good luck ulit!!!


  35. I saw the episode..like you Im also a big fan..since the 1st season..and yes, you looked nervous..hahaha..

    I was also glad to see you inside the house.I even thought Id support you just in case you enter the Celeb edition..That would be awesome! =)

    BTW, what was Maui’s participation? I hardly heard her speak..

  36. Opinions are opinions …but looking at the main purpose of having the PBB, it means looking for showbiz potential – good looks, perfect camera projection, and star-quality. I think under this criteria, Johan and Melissa-Jason tandem stands out. These three (3) personalities will give back good revenue for ABS-CBN, and I think this is the essence of this program. ABS-CBN wants some profit back for the budget and effort they spent for this PBB season. Johan has the showbiz face – fresh and good-looking, while Melason simply will kick off a good TV-comedian/love couple that many people will follow.

  37. hey chicco! im sooooo happy you got the chance to be in the pbb house.. i love the show but unlike you ive watched it since it started. and i super love you and delamar in the morning rush. my day is never complete without listening to you guys. it may seem to you that im just one of those many followers that you have but you guys REALLY help me to laugh even in my toughest days. so when i saw you on pbb i was like THAT’S CHICCO! i was really psyched to see you there. imagine one of my fave people is in my fave show.. anyway i us wanted to say thank you to you and delamar coz both you help me to get day by day.please keep on doin the morning rush as lomng as you can coz makin a loooot of people happt without you realizing it.. LOVE u both. keep on blogging chicco. God bless

  38. I was so excited to hear your opinion about the housemates pero parang bitin! well, I’m a melason fan and we have the same choices for the big four.

  39. Nag-level up ka na!!! 🙂 So what now Chico? Given the chance, would you want to be a full-fledged housemate (for PBB celebrity edition)? I’m sure pinoy big rusher (kudos to you!) will hook you up with ABS-CBN again.

  40. Oh my, I would have felt the same exact way you did if I was in your position. Like you, I never watched past seasons of PBB. This season is different, though. I think it’s mostly because of the funny and highly likeable duo, Jason and Melisa. I’d kill just to be invited to Kuya’s house, but of course that’s impossible. I don’t even know how and where to get tickets to the Big Night for God’s sake! You have any idea? I’m sure if you do, you’d be able to help a lot of PBB fanatics who are wondering about the same thing too.

    Thanks Chico for a very nice post! 🙂

  41. yey chico! ur so behaved there.. haha.. i was like teasing you while i was watching.. uyyy si chico masaya! hahaha..

    you’re so lucky!! yahoo..

  42. I saw the episode last night with my niece who is a follower. Yes, you looked so serious =)! I agree that the pic you took looked really different from the room we see on TV. Ano pa ba? I liked your comment too about Melai and Jason. Masyado na silang pacute. You look and sound so smart last night, ano secret? Post mo naman, baka mabasa ko at ni Ara Mina.

    I also thought si Del ‘yung naka-tube. Dapat sa gitna ka pinaupo ni Kuya.

  43. me too chix!!! any sa apat…pauljake, melai jason & tibo…ok sa kin…i don’t like johan…me star quality man o wala. tama sinabi ng mga panelists…it’s a game…so ung pinakamagaling na nakipaglaro…sana ang manalo…ung #1 na hindi naging user.

    • Common guys ……but looking at the main purpose of having the PBB, it means looking for showbiz potential – good looks, perfect camera projection, and star-quality. The format of the show is only competition but ABS-CBN is not a charitable institution …

    • Common guys ……but looking at the main purpose of having the PBB, it means looking for showbiz potential like good looks, perfect camera projection, and star-quality. The format of the show is only competition but ABS-CBN is not a charitable institution …

  44. waaaa….. chico you were soooo nervous! (in a very cute way, dnt worry) i was thinking, san napunta ang kadaldalan mo! haha! shashal yaya ko, narecognize ka agad ha! she told me you’re on tv daw! aba sa inyo lang cya nakikinig every morning, and we saw you pla with my baby santi at bonifacio high last dec ata at the RX stick on thats why she remembers how u look like… big fan! 😀

  45. nice update on PBB…i’ll link this to PinoyExchange ha…

    i was suprised actually when i saw you …i didn’t know you were interested in PBB Double Up…thought you only watch foreign reality shows…jologs ka rin pala, chico! i love it! =)

  46. The result of the PBB Doulble Up simply shows that ABS-CBN is really into business when it comes to the purpose of the show. During the last week of PBB, it clearly shows that Paul Jake is a run-away winner – given his resources to make it (he’s rich and he has business partners who can run the text counter to the highs) … however, if ever he wins, there is not much showbiz potential for him, as he would just mind his family business – what a lost of money for ABS-CBN … so, what happen is they make it a point to edge up Melissa for the top spot. Melissa will definitely rake millions of money for ABS-CBN, her popularity and her comedic face will surely be a big win. Aside from Melissa, Johan has the star potential – so, guys, watch out for these two (2) PBB winners …!

  47. surreal but nice, diba? 🙂
    you looked nervous nga .. but we perfectly understood ..
    i bet you even forgot why you where there and just enjoyed watching them ..
    didn’t you think of sneaking out of the other door, by then nasa loob ka na talaga ng bahay ni kuya 🙂
    kudos! .. can’t wait to see you in the Celeb Edition .. rocks!

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