16 comments on “Monsterizing Bangkok! (Part 2)

  1. Staying at Baiyoke Hotel is very very convenient for tourists who are into shopping. Kaya siguro dun kayo nag-stay. Hehehe… Haaayyy… I wish I have seen you guys. By the way Chico, I was not able to answer your question before. Yes, I am a pinay in Bangkok. I always read your blogs. Keeps me entertained, especially when I am feeling homesick. 🙂 I have been here for half a year now doing operations management work. 🙂 The food here is superb but Indonesian cuisine is still my favorite!

  2. Gino is sooo hawt! Dang!

    ngayon na lang ulet ako naka-visit sa page mo.
    pakisabi kay Delle congrats sa bangs nya! ^^
    I miss listening to you guys!


  3. Bagay kay Delle ang bangs. Please relay it to her. ‘Yun ang nag-stick sa mind ko. Hihihi ^_^

    Good call that you took a package tour para sulit ang 1 day sa tour/trip and the rest puro shopping 😉 But I bet if you were brought to this whole building of gadgets and camera store, mapapabili ka, Chico! Ako I always avoid that place :p Been there twice and I’m droooling. But na lang wala na akong budget to splurge there :p Anyway, hope makabalik ka sa Bangkok ulit. Next try mo ‘yung “local” tour like what I did. My Thai friend showed me around Bangkok, iba kapag locals ang nagto-tour. It’s longer but the advantage, no time limit to stay in a place. Very favorable sa photographers like you 😉

    Hope you get to check out my old Bangkok posts sa blog ko. ‘Wag mo laitin photos ko ah. Di naman kasi ako naka-DSLR, my trusty and handy Canon G5 lang :p

    Looking forward sa Hongkong photos 😉

    PS. I miss Thai food. Pad Thai’s my fave and Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea) sa drinks na addict ako. Left and right ang hawak ko nu’n pag nasa BKK ako. AT I’ve attempted to cook Pad Thai. So far naman nagustuhan ng mga nakakain AT buhay pa sila :p Next time I’ll bring you and Delle my version of it. Don’t worry, hindi ito maanghang like your dreaded curry Ü

  4. hi chico! very nice photos indeed! master ka talaga sa photography.. hehe.. just like to ask what style of photo editing do you use? i like how you maximize the color and contrast 😀 thanks and more power!

  5. Hi Chico,

    I’m an independent filmmaker. I’ve done two short films: “Leon” starring Ronnie Lazaro and “Gantsilyo” starring Gloria Romero. “Leon” won a Gawad CCP award while “Gantsilyo” was a Cinemalaya entry and Annie Award best short film nominee. You can google me to find out more about my work.

    I’m currently doing claymation about a story I wrote entitled “Old Big Ben the Butanding”. This story is in the top ten in the “Sagip” contest c/o opf.org. They invited me to do a reading at The Manila Ocean Park on March 13.

    Old Big Ben the Butanding is a whale-of-a-tale story of a Butanding and a seahorse. It’s all about saving our seas. Running time of the claymation is about 7 minutes.

    I would like to ask if you’d be interested to lend your voice to the seahorse character. As this is an independent production, there really is no budget to speak of. In fact, I will only record voices using my laptop and a mic.

    Please do try to consider. Your voice would be perfect for Billie the seahorse.

    Thank you!

    Mia Buenaventura
    Mobile 0923-4563923

  6. hi chico, the temple you took a lot of photos of is wat arun. and according to my thai friend, the higher your climb is, the most successful you will become. like you, i didn’t get as far up 🙂 hehehehe

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