7 comments on “We’re Off To Hong Kong!

  1. sana makita ko kayo dito..
    ako naman pauwi ng Pilipinas on monday.. nagmumuni-muni nga ako, naisip ko na sana sa monday nalang kayo babalik ng ‘Pinas tas makakasabay ko kayo ni delle sa eroplano.. huwaaaaaaaw! celebrity moment!!!:D

  2. have a great trip! bring a thick coat! i was there last week and it was supposed to be 19 degrees but in reality, it was as cold as 6 in the evening, when you factor the wind chill. brrr!!!

  3. hey chico, i’m currently working here in Hong Kong and when I went back to Manila for the Christmas holidays, one of my agendas was to visit you guys in the RX studio and maybe bring you breakfast or coffee. kaso i always postponed it kasi isip ko matagal pa naman ako sa Manila…and then when i was decided to go, a friend told me you were headed na to Bangkok haha so I never got the chance! But hey you’re coming here to Hong Kong, who knows maybe I’ll bump into you guys haha. Anyway hope you have a great time!

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