14 comments on “The Best And The Rest 209

  1. bwahahahha laugh out loud tlga trip! im here at my desk laughing “silently” bka mautot ako nito..nyahahahha…

  2. hehe…I was able to listen to this…pero yung iba, ngayon ko lang nalamman
    number 4…sobrang tawa…

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  4. Share lang ako
    Yung driver pag nag-stop sa amtaong lugar sinasabi sa mga pasaherong sasakay, “O wag nyo salubungin ang mga pababa, di nyo yan kamag-anak.”
    Pag nagpupuno pa lng ng jeep “O konting usod lang po, maluwag yan araw-araw yan ginagamit e.”

  5. I just heard your podcast for Dec 31, 2009. I would just like to correct an entry that was submitted that day. Sarah Palin, did not say “I can see Russia from my house.” That’s Tina Fey. She said that Russia can be seen from an island in Alaska, which is different. She may not be the smartest person, but she’s also often misquoted.

    PS Nice post. I have been catching up on the podcasts I missed towards the end of 2009. Take care, and I remain your fan.

  6. hey! actually a friend introduced me to your morning show and i’m glad i had a friend who got a great taste for stuffs. now, i’m catching up with the other top ten lists. nakakatawa tong post na to sobraaaaa! hahaha. di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko na mag-post ng comment. i’m a fan! :))

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