14 comments on “Earthquake!

  1. Hi there Chix!

    I guess d shakes = shake up mankind. Distractions aplenty, we forget to do what pleases Him.

    Fear not, what would matter in the end is how you treat others. Say, “I had to have someone swimming with me so that the great white shark that will swim up from the drainage will have more choices to choose from.” LOL.


  2. at first i am so attentive reading this entry , on the latter part my laughs bursts!!! love you chico , you made my day !!! yeeeehawww

  3. i, too sometimes suffer because of my exaggerated imagination, that’s why I stay away from movies like this. panalo ka chico! hehe.

  4. chico,

    may iba pa bang lindol nung 1991?

    or yung 1990 Luzon earthquake ang tinutukoy mo? 🙂

    anyways, i used to expect big quakes or nandun yung paranoia lalo nung halos araw araw sa balita mga nag lalabasang sawa sa buong metro manila (2005-2006?) ano kaya ibig sabihin nito, bakit nag lalabasan ang mga snakes na’to, is it “the Big One”? as in mas malala pa nung 1990. pero ala naman major shakes na naganap during mid 2000, *knock on wood* ang panget, parang inaabangan ko pa talaga… Bro, napag uusapan lang namin to ha hehehe *knock on wood ulit.

  5. chico, isn’t it 1990, that quake that hit baguio and rippled all over luzon?

    1991, a year or so after, is when mt. pinatubo exploded naman.

  6. reading the papers last week about the quake in Haiti, I got paranoid too. We live in Marikina and my office in Ortigas Center is at the 12th floor, and I think our bldg is one of the “cheapest” ones, without a fire exit! Thinking about the fault lines, and the 1990 quake in Northern Luzon… I was thinking of where to hide. I decided I would hide near the water dispenser, so if I get trapped and I’m still alive, I’d have water to drink. Hehe…

  7. “It’ll creep in like a thief in the night.”

    the one u said in one of the paragraph is so true….
    the end of days will come like a thief in the night.

    that’s why we have to always be ready and prepared.

  8. A simple explaination (excerpt from wikipedia with annotations)

    P waves (primary waves) are longitudinal or compressional waves. In solids, these waves generally travel almost twice as fast as S waves and can travel through any type of material. Typical speeds are 330 m/s in air, 1450 m/s in water and about 5000 m/s in granite.

    S waves (secondary waves) are transverse or shear waves, which means that the ground is displaced perpendicularly to the direction of propagation.Their speed is about 60% of that of P waves in a given material. S waves arrive second in a seismic station because of their slower speed.

    Conclusion. The dog “felt” the P waves(compresses the soil) before the actual S waves (move the soil up & down or sideways) arrive on the building thus it appears the dog sense the earthquake

    Optimus of Singapore
    Structural Engineer

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